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9 Unique Natural Hair Care Tips To Add To Your Routine This Fall

Are you looking for some natural hair care tips to get you through the fall season?

 Natural Hair Care Tips

Finally, the hot and humid weather is over.

As we welcome the fall season, it’s time to reevaluate your natural hair care routine. And as we approach the chilly months, you can expect to experience drier air… leading to dryer hair.

You need to spruce up your hair care regimen if you want to keep a soft and healthy mane throughout the cold winter season.

But there’s no need to worry… below are some fantastic tips we’ve gathered to help you improve your hair care regimen.

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As we welcome the fall season, it's crucial to reevaluate your hair care routine. These 9 unique natural hair care tips prepare you for fall!

Tip #1: Cut your hair twice a month

Woman with curly hair, cutting her own hair with scissors.

The more you cut your hair, the faster it seems to grow.

Having that in mind, you should make a point of visiting your hairstylist at least twice per month to remove the dead and split ends that you’ve been holding on to all summer.

Getting a hair trim every now and then will take care of the split ends and leave your mane looking healthy.

Tip #2: Get yourself Some New shampoo and deep conditioner

Hair products on a white surface.

The cold weather during fall means adding extra clothing and layers. That being said, you’re bound to wear hats to protect yourself from the cold wind.

You might look stylish in a hat, but it can also be terrible news for your locks, as they can cause dandruff from sweating.

To avoid dandruff, invest in a good sulfate-free shampoo and deep conditioner to nourish your hair follicles and keep your scalp healthy.

Also, ensure that you buy a shampoo and conditioner that complement each other. Mixing and matching shampoos and conditioners may end up jeopardizing the health of your locks.

Tip #3: Avoid wearing a ponytail

Beautiful African American woman with natural hair.

The ponytail style is perfect for your natural hair care during summer. It’s quick and easy to rock, and most people wear ponytails to beaches and concerts.

However, if you want to reduce hair breakage and scalp stress, you should wear your hair down more often in the fall.

If ponytails are non-negotiable, avoid going to bed while still wearing it.

Tip #4: Filter your water

Water coming out of a shower head.

Did you know that your natural hair may be exposed to high chlorine levels when taking a shower at home?

Chlorine contains chemicals that are not friendly to your hair; it makes hair dry and frizzy.

To avoid hair damage, and prevent chlorine’s harmful effects, install a shower filter in your bathroom. Plus, once you start using it, you may even notice that your skin isn’t red as it used to be.

Tip #5: Use a hair mask

Woman washing her hair.

Your hair needs to be silky and well moisturized regardless of the season.

For that reason, it’s good to nourish it regularly with a good hair mask.

You can create a natural hair mask from the comfort of your home with kitchen ingredients. DIY hair masks are popular among women, and you won’t believe the remarkable results.

Some of the natural ingredients you can use include coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, banana, or eggs.  This combo might sound a bit weird, but it will work wonders on your damaged hair.

Apply the mask biweekly to protect your mane from the frizz and tangles that come from wearing hats. 

Another tip is to first soak your locks in warm water before applying the hair mask, as this will help open the hair cuticle. Don’t forget to wear a protective cap and let it process for about ten minutes to allow the mask to penetrate the hair shaft.

Tip #6: Use new styling products

Beautiful African American woman with natural hair.

Heat styling tools can cause a lot of damage to your hair, especially during the cold months.

Hence, it’s good to invest in new styling products like serum, spray, cream, or mousse. And before you pick up that curling wand or hairdryer, ensure that you first apply a heat protectant to avoid hair breakage.

Tip #7: Lower the water temperature in your shower

Cold water faucet.

With fall comes colder temperatures.

Although you might regularly enjoy hot showers (especially when the temperatures aren’t friendly), hot water is something you should keep away from your strands.

Hot water can sap out moisture, making your strands more susceptible to breakage. Instead, try lukewarm water with a cool rinse.

Tip #8: Avoid leaving the house with wet locks

Beautiful African American woman with natural hair blow drying hair.

Did you know that wet locks are more likely to get damaged than dry hair?

Being outside with wet strands during the cold season can cause your mane to freeze and break. Although air drying is always best, don’t hesitate to blow-dry your hair before heading out.

Tip #9: Avoid washing your hair daily

Beautiful African American woman with natural hair.

If you wash your locks daily, it’s time you switch things up.

Washing your mane every day will only strip it of its natural oils, which are meant to keep your strands moisturized and protected.

If you usually wash your hair daily, then try switching to every three days.

You can use dry shampoo in between washes. This will bring your hair back to life and keep your mane smelling nice and looking fresh.

Final Thoughts

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Now that you’ve learned some new ways to add to your fall natural hair care routine, you’re ready to welcome the season with a bang.

Don’t ignore your hair just because summer is over. Follow the tips listed in this article, and you’ll definitely have beautiful, healthy hair this fall!

▶︎ Your Turn: Did you learn any new natural hair care tips to add to your routine this fall? Are there any other tips we should add to this list? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼


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