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What is Dry Shampoo + Why Do You Need It?

Have you ever seen a can of dry shampoo sitting on the shelf and wondered to yourself what the heck it was? Well I’m going to explain to you about what it is and what the pros / cons of using dry shampoo are…

Have you ever seen dry shampoo sitting on the shelf in the store and wondered to yourself what it was. Learn all about it and the pros and cons.

So what exactly is dry shampoo?

Dry shampoo, in the most basic terms, is shampoo that cleans your hair without water. They work by absorbing the oils in your scalp and hair so that your hair looks fresh and clean again without having to re-wash it. However, dry shampoo is only meant to extend the length between washes, not completely clean your hair. If your hair is in desperate need of cleaning, I would recommend just washing it with good ol’ fashioned shampoo.

How do you use dry shampoo?

There are two main types of dry shampoo: powder and aerosol. They are both pretty similar, except you spray one of them on your hair and you just sprinkle on the other. When using both types, you mostly want to focus on the roots of your hair because that is where it is usually the oiliest.

When using the spray, you’ll want to make sure that you are holding the can at least 8-10 inches away from your roots to prevent build-up, while you evenly distribute the product in the hair. Lift the hair up in 2-inch sections to spray the dry shampoo. You are going to see white powder… don’t freak out! Use your fingertips to blend this powder into the rest of your hair. You can also use a brush and/or blow-dry your hair to work in the rest of the product. Now that your hair is clean, you can try using a dry conditioner to make it more manageable.

What are the pros and cons of dry shampoo?

Some of the benefits of dry shampoo are:

  • You won’t have to wash your hair everyday, which saves on damage to your hair.
  • You will be able to prolong the life of a blow-out.
  • It creates volume.
  • If you don’t have to re-blowdry your hair and re-style it, you are skipping on a lot of heat damage that comes along with re-washing your hair every day.

It’s nice to not have to wash your hair everyday, but also not having to deal with greasy, unmanageable hair. There are some organic, all-natural lines of dry shampoo that are known to be wonderful. These typically have better quality ingredients without having to pay the high price of a luxury line.

Now for the cons:

  • The major con of using dry shampoo is that it cannot be used to completely replace the process of washing your hair. It is good to use in a pinch in between real washings, but it would not be good to use in place of everyday shampoo.
  • If you have a dry scalp or dandruff, it may aggravate the problem.
  • The cheap brands of dry-shampoo may contain aluminum which can be harmful if used over long periods of time. Like I mentioned earlier, look for a higher quality organic line to avoid this con.

Which one should you try?

I would recommend Amika Perk-Up Dry Shampoo. It has good ingredients, smells great and leaves your hair feeling wonderful. Give it a shot!

What is your take on dry shampoo? Are you willing to try it? Have you tried it? What did you think? I’d love to read your feedback in the comments section below.