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The Top 10 Best Products For Natural Hair

Let’s talk about the best products for natural hair!

With salons closed, it’s become pretty hard to maintain the styling that is typically done in the salon.

Many of us that usually rely on hairstylists have been forced to learn the art of taking care of our natural hair. In fact, many celebrities like Cardi B, Gabrielle Union, and Tia Mowry have even given up their typical looks to let their curls breathe a little.

If you’ve decided to stick to normal hair, then you need all the best products to maintain a healthy hair routine. Below we will look at some of the absolute best hair products for your natural mane.

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#1: Hydrate sheer shampoo

We all have a day that is allocated for washing your hair and you need the right shampoo for your wash day.

The Hydrate Sheer Shampoo contains natural ingredients like green tea, jojoba, and sage. Also, the shampoo is sulfate-free (chemicals that strip the hair of its natural moisture).

#2: Klorane leave-in detangling spray

If you want to avoid stress when detangling your hair, then you should try using a Klorane Leave-In Detangling Spray.

The detangling spray is formulated with oat milk and works best when sprayed on damp hair. 

First, you need to part and section your hair and then spritz the spray on your hair and deep into the hair shaft. Use your fingers to ensure the spray reaches your scalp.

For best results, ensure you follow it up with a wide-tooth comb to rake through your locks.

#3: Argan hair oil

When it comes to hair oil, you need to be extra careful not to buy oils that weigh down your curls or leave buildup behind. This argan hair oil hydrates your curls, gives them a shiny glistening look, and also controls frizz.

#4: Mielle curls conditioner

Who said that natural hair should be high maintenance?

Now that the economy is all howled up, you’ll need to save on every little penny. One way of doing this is buying affordable, yet wonderful products for natural hair. 

Get yourself the Mielle curls conditioner for your tresses.

This conditioner has nutrients that help keep moisture locked in while preventing split ends. After washing your hair, brush it out with the conditioner.

#5: Lavender Scalp Oil

Another essential best product for natural hair you should have is lavender scalp oil. Your scalp needs to be regularly oiled, just like your hair. The lavender scalp oil has a pleasant smell, and it leaves behind a nice feeling on your hair and scalp.

The oil will promote fast hair growth and fight against bacteria and dandruff. Oiling your scalp will increase blood circulation in the head and will also make your hair look smoother and shinier. However, when buying scalp oil, ensure you get one that is lightweight to avoid product buildup

#6: Diane Wide-Tooth Comb

You should invest in a good wide-tooth comb, like the Diane comb, that will not add any more damage to your hair.

Natural hair is fragile, and you need to detangle it carefully. That is why it is recommended to use a wide-tooth comb that will glide through your wet hair, preventing tearing or ripping.

#7: Pure Honey Hair Mask

If your hair is damaged, you need a pure honey hair mask.

The main ingredient of this hair mask is pure honey, along with coconut oil and shea butter.

A hair mask aids in healing damaged hair, and you don’t have to buy it from the beauty store.

You can make the mask at home with common ingredients.

For example, try using natural yogurt, banana, avocado, aloe vera, honey, strawberry, eggs, or mayonnaise.

You can have the hair mask on for a period of three minutes to several hours. Afterward, you just wash it off with water.

#8: Deep Hair Conditioner

Your main goal when maintaining natural hair is to keep your hair well moisturized at all times, which is why deep conditioning is highly recommended.

Hair treatments revitalize and nourish your curls.

That is why even if you already have a routine in place, you should go a step higher and start deep conditioning your hair. For starters, you can do deep treatments once a week.

#9: Aloe Vera Hair Spray       

You need to try out this aloe vera hair spray. The spray will make your hair smooth and also keep it in place for the rest of the day. The spray is best for people who have thicker and curly hair. Once you embark on your hair journey, you need to ensure that your hair stays shiny throughout. 

You would not want to have dull locks. Invest in a good hair spray that will make your curls stand out and look lustrous. You can use the hairspray daily, but ensure that you wash your hair every week. Also, remember that a good hairspray will not leave any grease or product buildup on your hair.

#10: Ouidad Cream

Another way of ensuring that your curls stay hydrated is by using Ouidad hair cream.

This curl cream is made from natural products, and once you apply it on your hair, you can rake your fingers through it without feeling any crunchiness.

The cream is made from Arnica flower and meadowfoam seed oil. It’s lightweight, and it will soften and moisten even the driest curls.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts Icon

Whether you’re transitioning from relaxed hair or you want to take your natural hair routine to the next level, you need to use all the best natural hair products. 

You should know your hair type so that you can choose the right products. Talk to your hairstylist about selecting the best products for your mane.

Your Turn: What do you think are the best products for natural hair? Are there any other ones we should add to this list? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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