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21 Pixie Haircut Styles (That Will Make You Chop Your Hair)

Let’s talk about some of my absolute favorite pixie haircut styles in the world!

…because sometimes you just gotta chop your hair off. It’s so liberating and freeing to drop all the dead weight.

…and pixie haircuts offer the best of both worlds… they’re soft and feminine, yet fun and edgy. They’re fun, easy to style, and so much easier to deal with than long hair.

Sounds amazeballs, right? Well, luckily, this post is all about my favorite pixie hairstyles on the planet! Don’t be surprised if it makes you want to chop your hair off, like tomorrow.

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Short hair, don't care! Are you ready to make the chop? Here are some of the hottest pixie haircut styles on the planet right now! #haircuts #shorthair #hairinspo

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Pixie Haircut Styles


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Are pixie haircuts in style for 2021?

Do they ever really go out of style? Women like them because they’re easy to style, versatile, and super fun to play with. There are so many different ways to style a simple haircut.

What is a pixie style haircut?

Pixie haircuts are very short and close-cropped to the head, although there is usually more volume throughout the crown area. The sides can either be shaved with the edges shaped or textured for a softer look.

Does a pixie cut age you?

It can be unflattering and make you look older if cut incorrectly. Adding texture, shape, and volume is the best way to prevent this from happening. Talk to your hairstylist about creating the perfect look for your needs.

Final Thoughts

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As you can clearly see, pixie cuts are super fun. They’re the perfect hairstyle for edgy girls that still want to showcase their feminine side.

And if you want to cut your hair off now, girl, do it. No judgment here.

Until next time,


Your Turn: What do you think about these pixie haircut styles? Are you gonna give any of them a try? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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Sharon Harris

Thursday 18th of November 2021

Agreed! I would love to see the haircuts from all sides. I have a very short pixie because of an extremely bad haircut. It's growing out thank goodness but my goal is longer layers on top do I can do a pixie like these.

I am older - how do colors like pink or a by light purple look on older chicks?


Thursday 11th of March 2021

Ive been wantinG my hair cUt short For so long but cant find a skilled stylist to do it.


Wednesday 10th of February 2021

I would like you to show 360 degrees of these hairdos. The limited photos don't give a complete look of each. Thanks