21 Modern Shag Haircuts (That Will Make You Chop Your Hair)

Let’s talk about modern shag haircuts for a minute…

Did you know that the shag haircut was created by stylist, Paul McGregor in the ’70s for Jane Fonda? And ever since it’s inception, it’s been a popular choice for celebrities and everyday people across the planet…

But that was the traditional shag…

The ’70s version was a super edgy, super layered haircut with fullness in the crown and feathered layers throughout the head. Think Joan Jett or David Cassidy.

The traditional mullet-type shag was super cool back in the day but might make you look a bit dated if you tried to rock it now. On the other hand, the modern shag is taking the hair industry by storm.

So what is a modern shag? What makes it so special?

The modern take on this timeless haircut still has all the layers, but it’s softer, more flattering and can be worn with any hair texture or length. The layers should be softer and more blended (although a few choppy, disconnected layers are always welcome).

Sounds amazing, right? I’m about 90% sure you’ll want to cut your hair after reading this post… so let’s jump right in! Here are 21 super trendy modern shag haircuts that will make you chop your hair!

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The modern shag is one of the hottest hair trends of 2020. Here are 21 of the cutest modern shag haircuts in the world today...

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Are shag haircuts low maintenance?

They are pretty low maintenance as they’re meant to look messy and lived-in. It’s a great way to add volume and movement to your hair without having to do much to it.

How do you style a modern shag haircut?

There are many different ways to style a shag haircut, and it’s pretty easy since it’s meant to be messy and lived-in. One trendier option is to accentuate your natural hair texture with mousse and a diffuser. Loose, wavy curls are also great with this haircut.

Are shag haircuts out of style?

While the traditional shag haircut might be dated, the modern shag is a very fashionable haircut.

Final Thoughts

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While the traditional shag haircut might take you back to the ’70s, the modern shag is here to stay. If you’re looking for a soft, trendy, flattering haircut that works on any hair type or length… the shag is for you!

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12 thoughts on “21 Modern Shag Haircuts (That Will Make You Chop Your Hair)”

  1. I had a straight bob, shoulder length. I decided to cut a shag, the hairstylist said she knew how to do it but she didn’t even knew how to dry-hair or style the cut. I spent a week convincing myself that it was a COOL haircut and tried to find tutorials to style it. Finally, I decided to improve it a little BIT (cutting this and there following tutorials) . 2 months later, when I Finally ACCEPTED my new HAIRSTYLE, my husband told me that he doesn’t like it and he didn’t know how to tell me. You know What? I don’t care about his opinion LOL. Today I’m thinking how to make it even more edgy. I’m 44, by the way. My hair found It’s beautiful natural waves that I forgot I had.

  2. U Crack me up. An old school shag will make u look dated? It was 50 years ago. U won’t look dated. Ull look fantastic! Go for it. And not like these modern shags. Most of those looked like long layers, but if ur going to get a shag, do it up right! Make a statement. Make it Edgy. And everyone that chickened out will be so envious. Lol you will be known as the girl with the amazing haircut and the biggest balls. Lol

    • Jan you’re so right! You can never go wrong with with an original SHAG.If I could find someone LOCAL that knows what it should look like I’d be sporting one myself right now

  3. CAN YOU WEAR A MODERN SHAG WITH STICK STRAIGHT HAIR? Ive worn a blunt boB my whole life because my hair falls sTraight. If i get a shag cut, I’m afraid i’ll have to curl it to get the look, Kind of defeatIng the purpose!

  4. My hairstylist, with over 20 years exp. told me that shags were in. I was so excited to get a new hairstyle. I got over 6″ taken off of overprocessed blonde hair. it looks nice the only problem is she gave me more of a mullet hairstyle than a shag. when I got home I ended up cutting off 2″ of a tail. And i asked for blondes highlights she colored my hair dark brownish-red. it has really bummed me out. I told her how many times i’ve gone to a hairstylist and they do what they want and ignore what you ask for.

  5. I had a shag cut in early 70`s. I was the trendsetter of my h.s.. it looked exactly like Sally Struthers hair when she had hers in a SHAg cut. I’m getting the new modern SHAg cut this Wednesday. Cant wait!!

  6. THAnk you for the great shag haircut ideas!🤗
    I’ve been looking for cute haircuts, I won’t look any further! I was convinced by one of these.😍

  7. I had a 70’s short shag, and it suited my fine, wavy hair to a T. I lived at tge beach, and didn’t ever have to worry about my hair looking messy.
    Now have grey hair, and still live at the beach, so hairstyles are a challenge. At 72, although most people think i look younger, i can’t verywell wear one of the long shags shown in these photos. Neither do i want an “old lady” short cut!
    Do you have any SUGGESTIONS for me? I’d love to again have that carefree hair style again.

    • Wear a long shag n rock it. Im going to get mine done tuesday. I’m almost 60 n my thick wavy hair is 34″ long. Woohoo i cant wait. Im going to try n KEEp the length. Lol i might add blue or ? Underneath. You only live once n at our age we deserve it!

    • You DIDN’T show any samples if a short shag. I had one in the 70.’s aNd would loVe to see SomE modern examples of a shorter shag cut.


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