Does Nioxin Really Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

Have you ever heard of Nioxin? It’s a pretty expensive hair treatment line that is formulated to make thin hair thicker. But the question on everyone’s mind is, “Does Nioxin really grow your hair?” or is it all just hype? Here’s what I think…

Nioxin is a pretty expensive hair treatment line that supposedly thickens your hair. But does it actually work? Here is my experience...

What Is Nioxin?

Nioxin is a hair treatment product that has been around since the late 1980’s. It was originally marketed as a product to treat androgenetic alopecia a.k.a. “pattern baldness” without drugs. However, these days, the company has no claims to do so. It is more of a treatment to prevent your hair from thinning, rather than growing your hair back.

The company does say that their product will:

  1. Reduce hair breakage
  2. Deliver denser-looking hair
  3. Amplify texture
  4. Strengthen the hair against cuticle damage
  5. Cleanse excessive sebum from the scalp

When the Nioxin was started, most of its competition focused on treating the thinning hair. Nioxin took a unique approach to thinning hair by focusing on the scalp. The website states that it “was the first salon brand to propose like-type cleansers, exfoliants, and anti-aging ingredients or a youthful scalp complexion and healthier-looking hair. It represented a new hope, a new category, a whole new salon retail business.”

How Do You Use It?

Nioxin comes in a three-part system which includes:

  • Cleanser (shampoo)
  • Scalp Therapy (conditioner)
  • Scalp Treatment

For the best results, you should use all three parts of the system. What I like to do is (obviously) use the cleanser first. Then, I like to use the scalp therapy mostly on my scalp. Since it is technically a conditioner, I do run it through the ends, but since it makes your scalp feel tingly, I focus it more on my scalp. I usually also add some deep conditioner like Joico K-Pak to the ends of my hair to repair it even more (my ends are really damaged). After I get out of the shower, I towel dry my hair and spray in the scalp treatment. You should also focus this on your scalp.

There are different formulas of Nioxin, formulated for different types of hair.

  • System 1: Normal to thin-looking, fine hair, not chemically treated
  • System 2: Noticeably thinning fine hair, not chemically treated
  • System 3: Normal to thin-looking, fine hair, chemically treated
  • System 4: Noticeably thinning fine hair, chemically treated
  • System 5: Normal to thin-looking, medium to coarse hair
  • System 6: Noticeably thinning, medium to coarse hair

Make sure you pick the system that is best for you. For instance, I have normal, fine hair that has been chemically treated. I use system 3.

How Does It Work?

Nioxin’s manufacturer claims that it works by removing excess sebum, dirt, and debris from the scalp that can clog the hair follicles. This promotes a healthy scalp environment, that encourages hair growth. Like I said before, it makes your scalp tingle when you use it, and your scalp does feel really fresh and clean.

Furthermore, it is said to remove the buildup of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) from the scalp, which is a main factor of male pattern baldness.

What Do I Think Of It?

I like Nioxin. I’ve always liked it. It makes your hair feel really clean and healthy and I like the tingle of the scalp. The good news for me is that I can get it for pretty cheap since I am a cosmetologist. The bad news for non-cosmetologists is that the liter bottles run about 25$ each (although Amazon has some good deals). If you do want to try it, I’d recommend getting a starter pack, with all three parts of the system.

I am currently using Nioxin and here’s why:

A looooong time ago, I knew a lady that had lost a lot of her hair after having a baby. She started using Nioxin and swore that it made her hair grow back. I just had a baby and wanted to be proactive about the hair loss that typically comes after having a baby. I must say that my hair does seem like it is growing faster, and I’ve hardly lost any hair. In other words, I’d say that it is working well for me. The only problem is that I’ve never had a baby before, and don’t know if my hair would have actually fallen out without Nioxin. I am also still taking prenatal vitamins, so I don’t’ know if that has anything to do with it.

Overall, I think I will continue using it until I don’t want to anymore.

The Verdict:

If you’ve lost a lot of hair, I don’t think Nioxin is a miracle product that will grow all of your hair back. I think it’s possible that it might reverse balding, but not likely. It’s more reasonable to use this product to prevent balding and keep your hair healthy. The company has also said that most people notice thicker hair within the first month of using it and I’ve talked to many people that swear this product made their hair grow faster.

If you are on the fence, I’d say to just try it. The worst case scenario is that you have clean, healthy hair that doesn’t grow any faster than it would if you used a different shampoo.

Your Turn:  Have you ever used Nioxin? Did it make your hair grow faster? I’d love to read your feedback in the comments section below…

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  1. I have been using it For years actually since the 90’s actually off and on. I stared Using it when i worked at a salon aNd got a bad perm from on of the stylist and lost most of my hair. At tHe time i had Just enough hair on my head yo To do a curly weave. At night i would the wEave up and cover my entire scalp with Nioxon. My hair gree back thick and strong. I now have locS and i still Usr it to strengthen mY roots and Grow my eDgEs. When i tell people about nioxin and how well it works peOple don’t believe me and have no idea of what i’m Talking about.


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