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Trend Watch: Hidden Rainbow Hair

Rainbow hair has been pretty popular for the past few years. Previous trend watches have covered trends such as rainbow roots, rainbow bangs and opal hair. But what do you do if it’s inappropriate to wear vibrant rainbow colors at your job? You keep it a little secret. Hidden rainbow hair is the hottest new hair trend of fall, 2016.

Do you want rainbow hair but can't have it at your work? Check out hidden rainbow hair, the hottest new hair trend of fall, 2016...

What Exactly Is Hidden Rainbow Hair?

To achieve this beautiful hair color, all you have to do is have rainbow hair color underneath the rest of your hair. This allows you to cover it up if you have to.

If your hair has many layers, the rainbow may peek through the bottom parts of the layers. It can be traditional rainbow colors or whatever colors you choose. There is really a lot of flexibility with the hairstyle. It just has to have hair that falls on top of it, and has to be vibrant hair colors (preferably that contrast with the rest of your hair) to be defined as “hidden rainbow hair.”

Some Examples of Hidden Rainbow Hair:

What do you think about hidden rainbow hair? Are you willing to give it a shot? I’d love to read your feedback in the comments section below!