10 Unnatural Hair Color Ideas (That Will Make You Dye Your Hair)

Let’s talk about unnatural hair color ideas!

Although it has been tapering off the current trends, unnatural or rainbow hair colors are still pretty popular these days. A whole new array of terms associated with hair color have come around, but most people might not know them all. Here are 10 common shades of unnatural hair color…

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Are you looking for a fun new hair color? Maybe something crazy and unique? These vibrant unnatural hair color ideas will blow your mind...

#1. Rose Gold

Beautiful rose gold hair color.
đź“·Credit: @douglasreidhair

I don’t know about you, but I’m all about rose gold everything.

This color is really more of a golden blonde with pinkish undertones. but with pinkish tones to it.

#2. Silver

Beautiful silver hair color.
đź“·Credit: @hairdazzleofficial

Silver or grey hair has stayed pretty popular over the last couple of years. It’s funny that so many people with natural grey hair work wonders to cover it up, while the younger girls are looking for grey hair. Check out 10 Shades of Grey Hair to see all of the different varieties.

#3. Turquoise

Beautiful turquoise/teal hair color.
đź“·Credit: @rhysandrewssalon

This one is pretty self-explanatory. It’s just hair that is teal.

#4. Baby Pink

Beautiful baby pink hair color.
đź“·Credit: @thatveganhairdresser

Pastel pink is a very, very light shade of pink hair color. In this picture, the girl’s hair is almost platinum blonde with just a hint of pink. It differs from rose gold in that it is much lighter and fainter.

#5. Lilac

Beautiful lilac/lavender hair color.
đź“·Credit: @celebluxury

Lilac is another popular choice over the last few years. It is just a light shade of faded purple.

#6. Mint Green

Beautiful mint green hair color.
đź“·Credit: @evelina.forsell

Mint green is definitely a shade of green, but with a little bit of blueish undertones. It is definitely on the lighter side of the spectrum. It can look faded or be bold. The choice is up to you.

#7. Cobalt Blue

Beautiful cobalt blue hair color.
đź“·Credit: @hairbyamberdanielle

Cobalt blue is a very bold, vibrant shade of deep blue. It is a beautiful shade and looks amazing when paired with darker colors like black or dark brown.

#8. Scarlet Red

Beautiful scarlet red hair color.
đź“·Credit: @onestopbeautyshop519

The actual color of scarlet red is mostly red with a tiny bit of orange in it. It looks amazing as a darker red color and is perfect for winter this year!

#9. Lime Green

Beautiful lime green hair color.
đź“·Credit: @hairbyderae

Lime green hair is a super vibrant shade of light green. It really is much more brighter and more vibrant than the color of a lime, but it also looks much better. Electrifying!

#10. Copper Orange

Beautiful copper orange hair color.
đź“·Credit: @mermaidhairmarissa

Orange hair is a color that is on the rise right now. Most people try to stay away from orangish tones, but now that they are becoming more popular, embrace it and rock it.

What do you think of these beautiful shades of unnatural hair colors? Would you ever try them? Have you ever tried any of them? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section below! 🙂

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