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7 Unconventional Skincare Tips You Should Start Using Today

Your skin is your largest organ and literally the first thing people notice about you, so you obviously want it to look good. On the other hand, since your skin is so fragile, it’s imperative that you put effort into preserving it.

So how do you keep your skin in tip-top shape? Easy… you wash your face twice a day, use a toner, moisturize with spf and apply eye cream, right?

But what if I told you that some lesser-known skincare tips will totally blow your mind? Would you be willing to give them a try?

Here are 7 unconventional skincare tips you really need to start doing… like now.

It's imperative to keep your skin in good shape, but do you even know how? These 7 unusual skincare tips will help you achieve the best skin in the world!

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1. Bubble Mask

Have you ever tried a bubble mask? Check out 7 unconventional skincare tips that you need to start using today!

Have you heard about bubble masks yet?

They’ve only been all the rage on social media for the past few years. But if you haven’t heard of them before, don’t worry… I just recently found out about them too.

A bubble mask is pretty much just a clay mask you put on your skin to deep clean your pores and draw out the toxins. The difference is that this mask will start to foam and bubble after a few minutes. Check out actual footage of the bubbles in action here.

So why bubbles? What does it do differently than a traditional clay mask?

This product was designed around the healing benefits of oxygen when used in skin care regimens and hospital settings. Oxygen has been proven to increase circulation, help cell regeneration and boost collagen production… all of which are great for your skin.

Bubble masks work by reacting to the oxygen when you apply it to your skin. It’s similar to how a soda starts to fizz when you open it. All the bubbling also helps the ingredients get deep down into your skin, leaving it soft and clean with a perfect glow.

Have you ever tried a bubble mask? Check out 7 unconventional skincare tips that you need to start using today!
Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask, Amazon

2. Preparation H Face Cream

Did you know that Preparation H can help tighten your wrinkles and depuff your eyes? Check out 7 unconventional skincare tips that you need to start using today!

I’ll never forget this one time when I asked an elderly lady what the key was to looking so young. She told me that her secret was to use Preparation H to tighten up her skin. She said that she had been doing it for years.

Kim Kardashian-West’s makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, even admitted to using a dab of it under her eyes before applying concealer. “It tightens the skin. That’s a really old, old trick. It smells really bad, but it works,” he noted.

This is likely from the ingredient, phenylephrine, which is a vasoconstrictor, meaning it shrinks blood vessels.

Some healthcare providers advise that you not use it long-term. While it may tighten your skin and reduce puffiness when you’re in a pinch, the hydrocortisone is a steroid that can actually make your skin thinner, while messing with your adrenal glands when used daily.

However, the original formula was free of hydrocortisone and was formulated with live yeast-cell derivative (LYCD) aka Bio-Dyne – the ingredient said to combat wrinkles. Although the US version is the one you should be wary of, you can still purchase the original formula from Canada. If you want to use this beauty hack, I think this is a safer option.

The other downside to using Preparation H on your face is that it can clog your pores, especially if you’re susceptible to acne. The Derm Review suggests using it sparingly and washing your face several times per day with a face wash designed for acne.

*I’m not a doctor and don’t pretend to be, so make sure you consult with your physician about long-term use.

3. Fight Oil with Oil

Did you know that skin oil is good for oily skin? Check out 7 unconventional skincare tips that you need to start using today!

If you’ve been blessed with super oily skin, you might think it sounds crazy to add some skin oil to your regimen. But what if I told you that your skin is probably oily because it’s actually dry?

Let me explain – when your skin becomes overly dry, it overcompensates by over-producing sebum aka natural oil.

In other words, skin oil is actually beneficial for oily skin.

It even helps dissolve the excess sebum and grease build-up on the surface of your skin, while hydrating and softening.

Do be aware that if you have oily skin, you should look for formulas that have been specially formulated for that. These ones are lightweight, non-greasy and can help reduce inflammation and redness.

Did you know that skin oil is good for oily skin? Check out 7 unconventional skincare tips that you need to start using today!
Mad Hippie Antioxidant Facial Oil, Amazon

4. Honey Face Wash

Did you know that washing your face with honey combats common skin problems? Check out 7 unconventional skincare tips that you need to start using today!

I get it… honey sounds like a miserable way to wash your face but hear me out.

Honey can pretty much do anything that the best face wash can do, but better and for less money. Here are the key factors to consider:

  • Honey has antibacterial properties that have been studied in the medical industry (like in this study). It will clean your face, fight acne and heal already-existing blemishes.
  • It’s a humectant, meaning that it naturally draws moisture back into your skin.
  • It balances the pH of your skin and is slightly astringent, meaning that it balances the skin’s production of sebum.
  • It has anti-aging properties that have been used in many cultures throughout history.
  • It doesn’t have harsh chemicals traditionally found in face wash.

You’ll want to use raw, unfiltered honey to get the most benefits. To wash your face with honey, first, remove your makeup and wet your face with warm water. Then, just apply a ½ teaspoon of honey, massage into your skin and rinse.

5. Layering Masks

Layering face masks is the best way to treat all skin problems! Check out 7 unconventional skincare tips that you need to start using today!

As we get older, we must figure out ways to combat multiple skin problems at once.

For example, I still get acne on my nose and chin, even though I’m in my thirties. Unfortunately, this means I have to wash my face with a heavy cleanser made for acne. But getting these chemicals around my eyes might not be beneficial since I’m also battling aging skin and wrinkles.

Face mask layering works on a similar concept and is one of the hottest skincare tips around. It works because different masks have unique benefits for different parts of your face.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Start with a mild hydrating mask all over your face. This will heal and refresh your whole face.
  2. Add a layer of oil-absorbing clay or mud mask to your breakout-prone areas (like the chin, nose, and t-zone). This helps fight acne and also shrinks pores.
  3. Last, but not least, add a layer of firming mask around the eyes and sensitive areas.

By layering masks, you conquer all skin problems at once, without being too harsh on the skin. Trust me – your skin will thank you.

6. Shrink Pores with Pepto Bismol

Pepto Bismol is a really cool way to shrink your pores and combat acne! Check out 7 unconventional skincare tips that you need to start using today!

Speaking of shrinking pores, have you ever heard that you could do it with a little Pepto Bismol?

It’s true. The main ingredient of Pepto is bismuth subsalicylate, which is quite similar to salicylic acid, a beta hydroxy acid that unclogs pores and fights acne. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and aspirin, which is known to calm inflamed skin. Oh, and it also exfoliates your skin and leaves you with a fabulous glow.

Furthermore, the buffering ingredients make it more gentle on the skin than salicylic acid.

To use Pepto on your face, apply with a brush, let it harden and then remove. Simple as that.

Disclaimer: People with aspirin allergies should not use this product, and it should not be done every day (unless used as a spot treatment).

7. Snail Mucus

Did you know that snail mucus is good for your skin? Check out 7 unconventional skincare tips that you need to start using today!

This skincare tip might blow your mind, but Koreans have been using snail mucin in their beauty products for a while now.

This trend stems from the fact that snails naturally produce this slime to protect their skin from the harsh elements of the world. Did you know that snails were even used in ancient Greece as a treatment to reduce inflammation?

So what does it do for your skin?

Many experts claim that it stimulates the skin, increases collagen production and fights against aging and sun damage.

It also contains allantoin, which has been shown in studies to stimulate cell growth and heal wounds. Last, but not least, it’s chock-full of protein and water-soluble polymers that pull the skin back when it dries.

So how does the makeup industry farm the mucin? Most of it is farmed from Italy, and are harvested using cruelty-free techniques that prompt the snails to release filtrate, like using a “snail spa,” in which they are immersed in a gentle steam bath (source).

Did you know that snail mucus is good for your skin? Check out 7 unconventional skincare tips that you need to start using today!
THEPURI Advanced Snail Repair Cream, Amazon

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts Icon

While it’s important to adopt a basic skincare routine, some other cool tricks can help you spice up your days.

For a daily fix, consider washing your face with honey. It will help fight inflammation and bacteria while preserving and moisturizing your skin. Finish up by applying a skin oil to keep your skin soft and supple, while moisturizing it (to prevent an overproduction of oil). If you want to be adventurous, snail mucin is a great way to fight aging.

If you’re in a bind, Preparation H can reduce undereye swelling and tighten wrinkles… but remember that you probably shouldn’t use it long-term as the hydrocortisone can damage your skin.

For weekly tune-ups, consider using a bubble mask to improve circulation, while drawing out toxins, or even some Pepto Bismol to shrink pores and clear up nasty breakouts. If you have multiple skin problems, layering masks can help fight all of them at once.

Whatever you decide to try, just make sure to take care of your skin. It’s the only skin you got.