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21 Game-Changing DIY Hair Products You Can Buy on Amazon

Let’s talk about 21 AMAZING DIY hair products that will totally change your life…

If you’re anything like me, you just like to do it yourself. When money gets tight, some of us tend to cut a few costs on things we can do at home, or maybe you just like to do things in the spur of the moment.

No matter your reasoning, let me just assure you that there are tons of sweet products out there that make doing hair super easy for the typical person.

Now, I’d love to share with you 21 of the most awesome DIY hair products that you can easily buy on Amazon.

The Top DIY Hair Products on Amazon:

Whether you're looking for a gift for your man, or some tools to do your own hair at home, these DIY hair products from Amazon are really...

1. Quality Time Solutions Neckline Trimming Template

Quality Time Solutions Neckline Trimming Template, one of the best DIY hair products you can find on Amazon.

Let’s kick off the list of DIY hair products from Amazon with this gem: the Quality Time Neck Hair Guide.

So here’s the thing about men’s haircuts:  they usually take a while to grow out. However, the neckline seems to grow twice as fast as the rest of the hair, and many men quickly find ways to clean it up again, without getting a whole haircut.

Many salons offer neck trims for $5-$10. A lot of guys try to shave their own necklines in the shower (and believe me, it’s usually not pretty… or fun to clean up). Furthermore, wives/partners/friends might try to do it sometimes, which tends to be a better option but still could turn out bad if they don’t know what they are doing.

This awesome template makes it super easy to trim your own neckline or the neckline of someone else. It’s highly affordable (less money than a salon neck trim) and extremely effective.

Read more about the Quality Time Neck Hair Guide on Amazon:

Quality Time Neck Hair Guide - A Neckline Template for Shaving and Keeping a...
  • Quality Time Neck Hair Guide is the popular patented tool for creating and keeping a clean...
  • One size fits all. Made of a thin and flexible plastic film, specifically designed to...
  • Includes an adjustable elastic headband to hold the template securely in the desired...

2. DIY Braids Book

DIY Braids ebook, one of the top DIY hair products you can find on Amazon.

DIY Braids: From Crowns to Fishtails, Easy, Step-By-Step Hair Braiding Instructions, by Sasha Coefield, is an amazing guide to teach you 30+ different types of braids. This book is full of tips as well as easy-to-follow tutorials and has a 4.5-star rating from over 140 customer reviews.

Sasha Coefield is a hair guru, most known for her popular YouTube channel, asksash88, where she has accumulated several millions of views on her hair tutorial videos.

The best thing about this book is that you can get the kindle version delivered right to your tablet or phone.

Read more about DIY Braids: From Crowns to Fishtails on Amazon:

DIY Braids: From Crowns to Fishtails, Easy, Step-by-Step Hair-Braiding...
  • Coefield, Sasha (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 144 Pages - 12/06/2013 (Publication Date) - Adams Media (Publisher)

3. CombPal Cutting Tool

CombPal cutting tool, one of the best DIY hair products you can find on Amazon.

The CombPal is a must for doing men’s haircuts at home (see 5 Different Types of Hair Cutting Tools or Fade Haircut Timelapse for more info on how to do this). It makes it super easy to do clipper-over-comb or scissor-over-comb cutting techniques.

To use this tool, just add the desired guide size (longer guides leave the hair longer) and place it against the head, pulling the hair up. Cut the hair that is on the other side of the comb.

Still confused? CombPal’s official Youtube channel has tons of videos that show you what to do.

Read more about the CombPal on Amazon:

CombPal Scissor Clipper Over Comb Hair Cutting Tool - Barber Hair cutting kit -...
  • Longer guides than clippers, from 1/4" to 2 1/2". Good for cutting longer lengths on top...

4. Beard King

The Beard King, one of the top DIY hair products you can find on Amazon.

The Beard King is so simple, but nothing short of amazing.

This miracle product was picked up by Lori Greiner in 2016 when it first appeared on Shark Tank. Unfortunately, the deal fell through, as sales picked up after filming, and the deal no longer met the needs of the business.

It’s pretty obvious, but it’s basically just a bib that attaches to the mirror men wear when shaving. It collects all of the hair clippings, making for a simple clean-up.

Read more about the Beard King on Amazon:

BEARD KING Beard Bib Apron - Shaving Set for Dad - As Seen on Shark Tank - Men's...
  • QUICK & EASY: This beard hair catcher rules the realm with a mighty fist! Using mirror...
  • CLEAN: Keep your bathroom the fairest in the land! Whether you’re defeating renegade...
  • EFFECTIVE: Be prepared for any perilous quest! This deluxe set for men includes the static...

5. Topsy Tail

The Conair Topsy Tail is one of the best DIY hair products you can find on Amazon.

I’m not gonna lie… the Topsy Tail has been around forever. In fact, I used to have one of these when I was in elementary school.

However, with the re-emergence of fancier hairstyles (especially ones that are super easy to do), this DIY hair product has made its rounds again. What a perfect way to spruce up any ponytail in just seconds.

Furthermore, you can use this super cool product to produce hundreds of different trendy hairstyles. Don’t believe me? Take it from Milabu.

Read more about the Topsy Tail on Amazon:

BEARD KING Beard Bib Apron - Shaving Set for Dad - As Seen on Shark Tank - Men's...
  • QUICK & EASY: This beard hair catcher rules the realm with a mighty fist! Using mirror...
  • CLEAN: Keep your bathroom the fairest in the land! Whether you’re defeating renegade...
  • EFFECTIVE: Be prepared for any perilous quest! This deluxe set for men includes the static...

6. Braiding Tool

DIY Braiding tool, one of the top DIY hair products you can find on Amazon.

When it comes to braiding, you either have it or you don’t. Fortunately, there are some braiding tools out there that make the process easier.

The good news is that these tools make it much easier to braid, as they hold the strands of hair in place. The bad news is that there are a lot of mixed reviews about them.

Some people love these DIY hair products and say that they make braiding so much easier. Others say that you can see the tool through the hair and that it’s really complicated to use.

I think it would be worth a try; it’s super cheap and you never know what kind of cool hairstyles you can get out of it.

Read more about braiding tools on Amazon:

7. Soft Hair Rollers

Soft hair rollers that curl your hair while you sleep, one of the best DIY hair products you can find on Amazon.

Since wavy hair is so popular, but using hot tools every day can destroy your hair, soft hair rollers are a great choice.

In the past, I’ve used many different types of hair rollers that you wear while sleeping, but they were absolutely miserable. It makes for a long night when you have hard plastic jamming into your head and pulling out your hair all night long.

Fortunately, these DIY hair products work well and are comfortable. Furthermore, you can find many different tutorials on how to use them on the internet.

Read more about soft hair rollers on Amazon:

Aimin Soft Curlers for Overnight Heatless Curls, No Heat Foam Rollers for Long...
  • ★Hair Rollers Advantage -- Easy to use suit for kids, girl, women all hair type. refuse...
  • ★Soft Sleep Hair Rollers -- The characteristics of the product light and soft help to...
  • ★Different Beauty Way Of Hair Curly Wave -- Some long hair can use for the down half...

8. DIY Updos, Knots, and Twists

DIY Updos, Knots, & Twists ebook, one of the best DIY hair products you can find on Amazon.

DIY Updos, Knots & Twists is a must-have book in every woman’s artillery. For just $10.99 (Kindle Edition), you can learn how to do 35 step-by-step hairstyles from an Internet legend.

Melissa Cook, from has racked up several million views from her super easy hair tutorials. With an average rating of 4.1 stars, most readers say that this book is perfect for beginners.

Read more about DIY Updos, Knots & Twists on Amazon:

DIY Updos, Knots, & Twists: Easy, Step-by-Step Styling Instructions for 35...
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Cook, Melissa (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

9. Gawervan Twist Machine

The Gawervan Twist Machine, one of the top DIY hair products you can find on Amazon.

This contraption may be one of the scarier looking DIY hair products from Amazon, but I can assure you that it’s actually pretty cool.

The Gawervan twist machine creates flawless two-strand twist braids in a matter of seconds. This is such a fun way to spruce up any hairstyle.

In the actual Amazon listing, you can see a few different videos of people using it. I suggest checking them out since you can see how easy it is to use. Unfortunately, I was unable to embed any of them in this blog post.

Last but not least, I should mention that I was originally going to use the Conair Quick Twist in this post, but decided against it since it generally had bad reviews. Many people complained about it pulling their hair and not working correctly. However, the Gawervan twist machine had pretty good reviews, so I went with that one.

Read more about the Gawervan twist machine on Amazon:

Hair Braider Gawervan Automatic Smart DIY Magic Hair Clip Twist Hair Braiding...
  • Great Festival Gift for girls and kids, a new fashionable hair braiding tool, create your...
  • Easy to use, only 3 simple steps to make your hair braided. Instantly spin fun, twisty...
  • 360°rotation and built-in sensitive detection device, the key control is convenient, make...

10. Donut Bun Makers

Donut bun maker, one of the best DIY Hair products you can find on Amazon.

No doubt, you’ve seen a donut bun maker by now since buns have been a top hairstyle in the past 5 years or so. Either way, they are so easy to use, and create perfect buns, meaning they definitely belong on a list of DIY hair products.

Read more about donut bun makers on Amazon:

No products found.

11. BEARDCLASS Beard Shaping Tool

The BEARDCLASS Beard Shaping Tool, one of the best DIY hair products you can find on Amazon.

Here is another brilliant invention for my list of DIY hair products on Amazon:  The BEARDCLASS Beard Shaping Tool.

Since most guys don’t want to spend the time and money to have their hairlines and beards touched up every few days at the barber, they tend to work on them at home. Trust me, it’s really easy for them to mess up.

This tool provides a perfect guide so that their beard is even on both sides. There are different variations of products like this, but this one had the best reviews.

However, some people did complain that the plastic is not flexible, making it hard to shave around. Others suggested that you can use it as a stencil to create a guide with a white eyeliner pencil before shaving.

Read more about the BEARDCLASS Beard Shaping Tool on Amazon:

Beardclass Beard Shaping Tool - 8 in 1 Comb Multi-liner Beard Shaper Template...
  • 8 in 1 Multi-Liner Tool - The Proprietary and innovative design of this Beard Shaping Tool...
  • 1 Millimeter Edge Technology - This innovative design allows shaping your beard lines more...
  • Fully Transparent - Beardclass Line Up Tool is fully transparent and allows to clearly see...

12. Homemade Beauty Products

Homemade Beauty Products For The Hair by Milica Vladova

What would a DIY hair products list be without a book on making DIY hair products?

Homemade Beauty Products For The Hair by Milica Vladova is the ultimate guide to making tons of different hair products for healthy, happy hair. She uses organic and herbal ingredients to treat your hair without the use of harsh chemicals.

Read more about Homemade Beauty Products For The Hair on Amazon:

Homemade Beauty Products for the Hair: Natural Hair Growth and Dandruff...
  • Vladova, Milica (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 166 Pages - 04/26/2018 (Publication Date) - Independently published (Publisher)

13. Braiding Assistance

DIY Braiding tool, one of the top DIY hair products you can find on Amazon.

Similar to the other braiding tool I listed above, this braiding assistance tool makes it easier to do braids at home. The main difference is that this tool holds the hair in place while you braid, and the other one is used as the “backbone” of the braid.

While this tool still doesn’t have sparkling perfect feedback, it seems much easier and more useful than the other braiding tool.

Here is a quick tutorial from Glitter Suomi on how to use it:

Read more about the braiding assistance tool on Amazon:

2PCS Hair Braider DIY Hair Tool Twist Braid Sponge Hair Braiding Machine for...
  • Material: PP + Sponge;Color: Red Blue ,color random
  • Package Content: 2 X Hair Styling Tool.
  • Hair styling doughnut for braided hair, luxury decorative hair accessory for wedding,...

14. Remington Self-Haircut Kit

Remington Self-Haircut Kit, one of the top DIY hair products you can find on Amazon.

The Remington HC4250 Self-Haircut Kit is easily one of the most useful and popular DIY hair products on Amazon. Just to throw it out there, this product is Amazon’s Choice for head shavers and has a 4.2-star rating from over 2500 people.

This hair clipper was specifically designed to be used by someone doing their own hair. Here are some of its key benefits:

  • The blade is curved to naturally follow the curvature of the head for fast, consistent coverage.
  • Its ergonomic design and rubberized grip make it easy to hold while cutting the back of your neckline and behind your ears.
  • Stainless steel blades allow it to cut through extremely thick hair.
  • The lithium, rechargeable battery allows it to run for 40 continuous minutes between charges.
  • It is waterproof and really easy to clean.
  • Comes with different sized attachable combs to achieve various lengths of hair.

This makes the perfect gift for those who cut their own hair at home.

Read more about the Remington HC4250 Self-Haircut Kit on Amazon:

Remington Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit, Waterproof Cordless Electric Razor for...
  • Bold Precision: Dive into the world of pro grooming with clippers for men. Our 9 Length...
  • Unbeatable Power: Harness the might of the Lithium Rechargeable Battery for 40 minutes of...
  • Curve, Contour, Cut: Elevate your look with our Extra Wide Curved Blade. As a top face...

15. Olaplex

Olaplex, the same hair conditioning treatment you would recieve from the salon, one of the best DIY hair products you can find on Amazon.

I love Olaplex No. 3 so much, that I previously wrote an entire article about it (See: Why You Need to Try Olaplex Now).

To sum it up a bit, Olaplex is the only product on the market that actually rebuilds the broken protein bonds in your hair. It is a three-step system and the first two steps can only be done by a professional, while they are bleaching your hair.

Olaplex No. 3 treatments are commonly done in the salon as a deep treatment to really fix up your hair. No joke… I had people telling me that my hair looked really good after only using it a few times at home.

Fair warning: it only comes in one size, tiny, and it’s not cheap… but it is worth every penny.

Read more about Olaplex No. 3 on Amazon:

Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 Repairing Treatment
  • Repairs damaged and compromised hair, strengthens and protects hair structure, restores...
  • Apply a generous amount from roots to ends on unwashed towel-dried hair.
  • Comb through once and leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes or more. Rinse from hair,...

16. ColorTrak Professional Hair Colorist Kit

ColorTrack Professional Hair Colorist Kit, one of the best DIY hair products you can find on Amazon.

Are you an avid DIY colorist? If so, you need a professional-grade hair color kit to use at home.

ColorTrak is a well-known brand and this kit pretty much comes with everything you need to do your own hair color at home. It even has a beaker to measure out perfect proportions of developer and a whisk to make sure your color is perfectly mixed up.

It also comes with:

  • Professional hair coloring foil in a pop-up dispenser
  • Reusable gloves
  • 4 croc clips
  • Color bowl and four different brushes

Read more about the ColorTrak Professional Hair Colorist Kit on Amazon:

Colortrak Professional Hair Colorist Kit, 4-Pack Croc Clips, Color Beaker,...
  • PERFECT FOR STARTING COLORISTS: Get all of our essential Colortrak hair coloring tools and...
  • ALL-IN-ONE, COST EFFECTIVE COLLECTION: Each kit includes (1) 4-pack of Croc Clips, (1)...
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE BRUSHES: In addition to the rubberized, double-hinged croc clips,...

17. Natural Hair Coloring eBook

Natural Hair Coloring ebook, one of the best DIY hair products you can find on Amazon.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t recommend this type of herbal hair color unless you are absolutely sure that you never want to use traditional hair color again. However, I’m throwing it out there since a lot of people are interested in this stuff.

This Natural Hair Coloring book by Christine Shahin teaches you how to use natural herbs like henna, indigo, etc. to dye your hair naturally at home.

The book has wonderful reviews and there are some people out there that can really benefit from not using commercial hair color full of chemicals.

However, I just want to make it very clear that these types of dyes are extremely hard to lift out of your hair, meaning that you will pretty much be stuck with it until it grows out. Furthermore, trying to lift these types of dyes can result in chemical reactions that cause your hair to melt out.

So, once again I will say that you should only use these types of dyes if you are sure that you want this in your hair forever.

Read more about Natural Hair Coloring on Amazon:

Natural Hair Coloring: How to Use Henna and Other Pure Herbal Pigments for...
  • Shahin, Christine (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 184 Pages - 05/17/2016 (Publication Date) - Storey Publishing, LLC (Publisher)

18. Umbrella Cape

An umbrella hair-cutting cape, one of the best DIY tools you can find on Amazon.

The Umbrella Cape is a MUST for those who cut their own hair or anyone else’s hair at home. This basic design makes it easy to clean up after any at-home haircut.

There are some different variations of this product, but this one had the best reviews.

Read more about the Umbrella Cape on Amazon:

woniutch Hair Cutting Capes Umbrella for Adult/Kids, Barber Cape Haircut Cape...
  • UMBRELLA DESIGN: Our barber cape designed like a reverse umbrella so that it can easily...
  • ADJUSTABLE NECK CLOSURE: The diameter of the haircut cape is 24"with adjustable closure,...
  • WATER RESISTANT, HAIR REPELLENT: This hair cutting cape for adults is made with 100%...

19. Self Cut System

The SELF-CUT SYSTEM, one of the top DIY hair products available on Amazon.

The Self-Cut System is another Amazon’s Choice for DIY hair products and was featured in Entrepreneur magazine. There are different variations of this product, but the travel version is the most affordable and can be hooked on to any door.

It’s basically a fold-up three-way mirror that allows you to see your entire head. Additionally, when you purchase this product, you also get access to an app that teaches you how to cut your own hair.

Even though it is targeted at men for at-home haircuts, this product would be super useful for women doing their own styling, coloring or cutting at home.

Read more about the Self-Cut System on Amazon:

SELF-Cut System Travel Version - Three Way Mirror for Self Hair Cutting with...
  • EDUCATIONAL. Self-Cut System's FREE educational mobile app teaches you how to cut and fade...
  • 3-WAY MIRROR. Achieve the perfect cut every time with Self-Cut's lightweight and versatile...
  • VERSATILE. The Self-Cut System's telescoping brackets come right out of the unit and hook...

20. Professional Hair Cutting Shears

Equinox professional hair cutting shears, one of the best DIY hair products you can find on Amazon.

If you are going to cut hair at home, you should probably invest in some professional hair cutting shears. Don’t worry, you can get some pretty decent ones for a killer price.

Trust me… once you’ve tried higher-quality shears, you’ll never be able to use crappy ones again.

I don’t have this exact set at home, but I did purchase some affordable shears from Amazon that work almost as great as the $200 shears I use in the salon. The Equinox Razor Edge shears are Amazon’s Choice and have excellent reviews, which is why I suggest them over the ones I use.

Read more about Equinox professional hair cutting shears on Amazon:

Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series Hair Cutting Scissors Set - Barber Hair...
  • Elevate your hair styling skills with our Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series, the...
  • Our barber scissor, scissor hair are hand-forged from premium Japanese stainless steel,...
  • The set comes with a pair of hair thinning scissor, thinning scissor, ideal for...

21. CreaClip

The CreaCut, a DIY hair cutting tool, one of the best DIY hair products you can find on Amazon.

The CreaClip is probably one of the most useful DIY hair products on Amazon, as it makes it easy to cut long hair (including blunt or layered haircuts) at home. Additionally, it comes with a bang-cutting tool which is super useful for most women.

To use this product, you clip it in your hair, slide it where you want to cut (use the level to make sure it’s straight) and cut. It can be used to cut your own hair or someone else’s. Once again, this product is Amazon’s Choice.

Like the Beard King, this product was featured on Shark Tank and was picked up by Lori Greiner. Check out just how easy it is:

Read more about the CreaClip on Amazon:

Original CreaClip Set Hair Cutting Tool - As Seen on Shark Tank - DIY Home Hair...
  • FOR ALL TYPES OF HAIR; cut your hair in the convenience of your home and be your own...
  • EASY TO LEARN; just clip, slide, and cut; trim your bangs and create layers in just...
  • GREAT FOR KIDS HAIR CUTS AND EVEN MEN HAIR or just maintaining a hairstyle in between cuts

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What do you think about these fabulous DIY hair products from Amazon? Are you going to try any of them? Have you tried any of them? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section below…

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