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9 Stupid-Easy Hair Hacks You Need In Your Life

Hair hacks are simple tips that can make your life a whole lot easier. Whether you want to drastically change your hairstyle for a day or just learn a quick tip to make your styling routine easier, this guide will help you.

Can you benefit from some amazing hair hacks? These 9 fabulous hair hacks will totally simplify your life.

1. Fake Bangs

Check out this awesome tutorial by Stella Cini to learn how to get awesome bangs without taking the plunge. This awesome hair hack works by putting your hair up in a way that the ends of your hair will fall in your face like bangs. You will most likely have to use a hat or headband to hold them in place (along with bobby pins). You also need to flatten and smooth them as much as possible with a flat-iron and hair product.

2. Quick Curls

Quickly curl your hair in 6 easy steps! Check out some other awesome hair hacks!!

To quickly curl all of your hair, first put your hair into a high ponytail on top of your head. Separate your ponytail into a few different sections and curl each one. After letting the curls cool, remove the ponytail and spritz your hair with some hairspray while your head is flipped upside down. Voila. You now have perfect curls!

3. Easy Braided Headband

A really easy way to get a sweet DIY braided headband is just to braid two sections of your hair and wrap them around the top of your head. Pin them in place, and you’re good to go!

4. Full Ponytail

To make your ponytail look thicker and fuller, layer multiple ponytails in your hair. Keep them close together so you can’t tell. You can put a single hair tie on all of them and even wrap a strand of hair around them for extra pizzazz.

Video credit: SheKnows

5. Fight Flyaways

Spritz a Kabuki brush with hairspray to tame flyaways. Check out some other great hair hacks to make your life way easier!

Use a kabuki brush spritzed with hairspray to tame those unwanted flyaways.

6. Faux Bob Hair Hacks

Want short hair without the commitment? Learn how to fake an ultra-trendy, cute bob hairstyle. You can do it curly or straight and can go back to your long hair when you’re done.

Video Credit: Patry Jordan English 

7. Perfect Bun in Half The Time

Want a perfect bun but don’t have the time to put into it? Cut up an old sock to quickly fashion your hair into a perfect bun.

8. Shang Du Braiding Tool

Do you love all the great braided hairstyles as seen all over the internet, but can’t braid to save your life? Check out the Shang Du Braiding Tool. It makes braiding so easy that anyone can do it!

9. Dry Your Hair With a T-Shirt To Reduce Frizz

Towels cause a lot of friction in your hair and can mess with the natural curl pattern on those with curly hair. The solution is to use a cotton t-shirt to dry your hair when you get out of the shower. You can wrap your head in the shirt for 15-20 minutes to allow your hair to dry.

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