What Causes Goose Bumps?

It's common logic that you get goose bumps when you are cold or scared... but do you know what causes goose bumps? Find out from...

It’s common knowledge that when a human is cold, they get goose bumps (usually on their arms). But do you know what causes goose bumps and what they are? Let me explain… Goose bumps, aka the “pilomotor reflex,” are part of an automatic response of a mammal’s body. Part of this reflex’s function is to generate warmth in a cold environment. “How does it work?” you ask. The muscle fiber attached to the hair follicle tightens and pulls the hair straight up, which makes the surrounding skin bunch up. The straightened hair traps a layer of air against the skin …

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The 10 Biggest Hair Myths (You Shouldn’t Believe)

It's surprising how many people believe the same, wrong facts. Here are the 10 most common hair myths you should never believe...

It’s really crazy, if you think about it, just how fast information can spread in today’s world. If a single piece of information is found to be somewhat credible, it quickly gains a lot of traction and everyone spreads it around.

Pretty soon the entire world believes something that isn’t true. Like everything else, there are countless hair myths that most people believe. 

Let me debunk a few of them for you…

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The Complete Dictionary of Hair Terminology

Hairstyling has its own language... do you ever wonder what some of the phrases mean? Check out the ultimate dictionary of Hair Terminology! #Hairstylist #Cosmetology #TheHairIndustry #HairFacts

Hairstylists literally use their own language sometimes. There is so much hair terminology and phrases that they use on a daily basis, that might mean nothing to non-cosmetologists. 

Do you ever wonder what some of these common phrases that hairstylists use mean? Well,  if you said “yes,” then you’re in luck! 

I’ve compiled a list of all the hair language I could think of, and I’d like to call it the “Dictionary of Hair Terminology.” 

I plan to keep this page updated when I think of new terms and/or when new terminology comes into play, so make sure you save it.

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