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14 Awesome Ombré Hairstyles

The ombré hair color trend started a few short years ago and the term has grown into a household name. It was originally a way to hide outgrowth and was meant to be pretty subtle with dark hair fading into slightly lighter hair. But nowadays, ombré can be any combination of two colors fading into each other. Even the reverse ombré look (lighter hair faded into darker hair) has risen to the top of the trends. In this article, I just want to showcase some beautiful examples of awesome ombré hairstyles that have taken this trend to the next level….

Ombré Hair Inspo

Update: Some of these images are most likely photoshopped to achieve the desired color. Learn more about this here: The Hair Color Conspiracy

What do you think about these awesome ombré hairstyles? Would you ever sport one of these colors? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section below!