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14 Romantic Valentine’s Day Hairstyles to Try This Year

I don’t know about you but I am pretty excited for Valentine’s Day this year! Life is so hectic right now, between raising a baby, working, going to school, blogging, and everything else in between.

I’m really looking forward to a night off mom-duty.

Since I am so excited, I decided to piece together some fun Valentine’s Day hairstyles (complete with tutorials) for us ladies (or guys) to try this year.

Spice up your hair this V-day with some sexy Valentine's Day hairstyles!

1. Big Volumized Curls

Heart Defensor from ThatsHeart says she made this video for all her “thin hair girls out there,” and shares some tips on ways to give thin hair way more volume. This hits home for me because my hair is considerably thin, so I’ll take all the advice I can get. She shows you how to get crazy volume with a curling wand in this awesome tutorial.

2. Dutch Mohawk Braid to a Ponytail

The dutch mohawk braid is pretty hot right now, so it is a perfect way to incorporate trendiness into your Valentine’s Day hairstyles. Dutch braids are a super cute way to spruce up any hairstyle and you can do a half-up ponytail or a full, loose, high pony.

Thanks, Chrissy Rasmussen, for the idea!

3. Victoria’s Secret Hair

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than looking like a Victoria’s Secret supermodel? I’m sure your significant other will approve of this voluptuous look. Dacey Cash shows you just how easy it is to get this look with velcro rollers and a curling iron.

4. Pull-Through Braid

This pull-through braid by Annies Forget Me Knots is seriously amazing. 😍  She makes it surprisingly easy to create such a formal, romantic hairstyle in a short amount of time.

5. Fancy Fishtail Half-Updo

I absolutely love this look. Something like this might take a little more practice than some of the other styles, but Alex Gaboury hooks you up with some tips in this fabulous tutorial.

6. Glam Blowout

Want the volume without the curls? Don’t have time to get to your local blowout bar? Not to worry… Alex Gaboury  (again) will walk you through the process.  

7. Easy Updo

Kate from The Small Things Blog is pretty good at creating perfect hairstyles from scratch. In this video, she teaches you how to create a “simple, two-step updo, that looks like you paid a couple hundred dollars for”. Thanks, Kate. 👍🏼

8. Accent Heart Braids

These little accent heart braids would be super fun and easy to add to any other Valentine’s Day hairstyle. Mindy demonstrates how to do these on Cute Girls Hairstyles, and they are actually quite easy. I can’t wait until my daughter’s hair is long enough to do things like this with! 

9. Voluminous Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

How perfect is this hairstyle? TheBlondeBeautyy shows us a really fun way to spice up our Valentine’s Day hairstyles. This technique to add volume can really benefit any hairstyle, although I think she nailed it with this half-up ‘do.

10. Knotted Loop Waterfall Braid

This is another easy tutorial that will make you look like you had your hair professional styled. Let Bebexo show you exactly how quick it is to do. I would suggest adding some curls or waves to this style to make it look more formal.

11. Simple Elegant Bun

Alex Gaboury (I really like her) shows us how powerful a simple bun can be without much effort. This style is elegant and will help you make a statement this Valentine’s Day.

12. Glam Ponytail

Something like this is great for the girl-on-the-go. Personally, I work 10 hour days and don’t have much time to spend primping every day. This glam ponytail by Imogen Fox . Foxy Locks would be perfect for me to look fancy, without dedicating hours to my hair.

13. Half Up Heart Bun

Cute Girls Hairstyles is all about those heart-shaped hairstyles… but hey, I’m not complaining. I absolutely love this style and it would be so cute for anyone of any age to wear on Valentine’s Day.

14. Old Hollywood-Style Curls

Alex Gaboury (last time, I promise) gives us another great tutorial, in which she teaches us how to do Hollywood glam curls. Although she uses extensions for extra volume, you can do this technique with any hair length.  

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What did you think about these Valentine’s Day hairstyles? Are you going to try any of them this year? I’d love to read your feedback in the comments section below…

Violet Hawkins

Monday 7th of February 2022

#6 Glam blowout looks so adorable! I am going to try it this weekend with my new blonde tape in hair from Zala ( Thanks for sharing these amazing hairstyles!