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TIGI Urban Antidotes・Product Review

Urban Antidotes by TIGI Bedhead has three different lines of products, and each of them will make your hair feel amazing!

TIGI Bedhead has a new line of hair products called "Urban Antidotes" that are amazing! The first thing they do for your hair is...

What are the Urban Antidotes?

Re-energize for damage level 1:

  • Perfect for: normal hair that needs a daily pick-me-up
  • Urban Antidote #1 (shampoo): Work hard, play hard … That’s how you roll. Get yourself back to normal with a hydrating, strengthening & shine-enhancing shampoo.
  • The shampoo livens up moisture levels, boosts hair strength and promotes color retention.
  • Urban Antidote #1 (conditioner): Put some oomph back into your tired, over-stimulated hair. Supercharged hydrating conditioner helps strengthen weak, blah hair giving it a rush of shine and health. RE-ENERGIZE & GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!
  • The conditioner blasts weightless shine, detangles, unruly locks, and boosts hair strength.

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Recovery for damage level 2:

  • Perfect for: Dry, Damaged tresses that need moisture hit.
  • Urban Antidote #2 (shampoo): You’ve dyed, you’ve fried, so take your dull hair to the bright side! Help moisture-deprived hair to the ultimate recovery.
  • The shampoo hydrates dried-out strands, protects color from fading, and prevents pesky split ends.
  • Urban Antidote #2 (conditioner): Drench moisture-deprived hair with a rush of hydration that gets stressed-out tresses back in action & on the road to recovery.
  • The conditioner moisturizes for major softness, protects from thermal and combing damage and prevents pesky split ends.

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Resurrection for damage level 3:

  • Perfect for: Weak, brittle hair that needs an intervention.
  • Urban Antidote #3 (shampoo): Admitting is the first step! Face it . . . Your hair needs some rehab. Let the hydration therapy begin. Bring weak & brittle hair back to life with this powerful moisture packed shampoo.
  • The shampoo provides moisture overhaul, keeps color vibrant, and zeros in on dry, damaged hair.
  • Urban Antidote #3 (conditioner): Admitting is the first step! Bring dead-end hair back to life once and for all. Formula targets areas in the most need of repair, giving your whacked out hair the revival it has been waiting for!
  • The conditioner revives lifeless hair, provides thermal protection from harsh conditioners, and zeros in on dry, damaged hair.

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**All of this information comes from the TIGI Professional website.

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Monday 31st of December 2012

Super cute!!! I totally uetnrsdand what you are saying. I have been a night time shower girl for years now, which I love because of the time saved in the morning. I have gone through the struggles you are many times over the years as i have changed my style. A few thoughts, do you have to straighten you hair in the morning after the blow dry. it looks pretty sleek?If so, I have been able to still do the shower at night and just straighten in the morning, which is much shorter than wash, blow and style. I have discovered that if I pull the front section back in a pony at night it doesn't get as bed heady and it is easy to straighten. Maybe you could work something out like that. If not, be assured it is adorable enough for the effort! ;-) You guys look so awesome!