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Why Choose Titanium Hot Tools?

Do you ever wonder what makes one curling iron different from another? Or what the different hot tools terminology means? I recently covered nano silver hot tools so today I am going to explain to you the benefits of using titanium hot tools.

Have you ever heard of titanium hot tools and wondered what all the hype was about? Learn about the benefits of using titanium on your hair..

Benefits of Titanium Hot Tools:

  1. Titanium plates distribute heat more evenly than other metals used in hot tools, creating a more even style and eliminating “damage spots.”
  2. Titanium conducts heat better than most metals, and also transfers heat to the hair faster than most metals. This cuts way down on damage done to the hair. Be careful though, because if not used correctly, this can cause way more damage.
  3. Titanium heats faster, cutting down styling time.
  4. Titanium typically has higher heat settings than other metals used in hot tools, which can be beneficial for those with thick, curly hair. This also provides a longer-lasting style.
  5. Titanium is naturally resistant to corrosion, therefore, protecting the iron from damages like scratches, chipping and cracks. When irons are cracked, they could grab hair and rip it, causing damage.
  6. Titanium has a high output of negatively charged ions, which will seal the hair cuticle and make hair smoother and healthier. This also seals moisture in the hair shaft.

Now you know…