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13 Iconic Taylor Swift Hairstyles: A Journey Through the Eras

Hey Swifties, let’s talk about the most iconic Taylor Swift hairstyles of all time.

Get ready to take a trip down memory lane with the one and only Taylor Swift. We all know that aside from being a talented pop star, Taylor is also known for her ever-changing hairstyles. From country-girl ringlets to fierce bob cuts, she has rocked it all and inspired many of our own hair transformations along the way.

In this blog post, we will be counting down 13 of Taylor’s most iconic hairstyles throughout the years. So put on some red lipstick, and let’s dive into the hair evolution of T-Swift!

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13 Taylor Swift hairstyles that were iconic.

#1. Classic Curls (Debut Era)

Taylor Swift at the 2008 American Music Awards. Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles, CA. 11-23-08

When Taylor Swift first hit the scene with her debut album in 2006, she was known for her signature blonde curly hair. Those iconic curls became a symbol of her country roots and youthful innocence. Seen at countless award shows and on the red carpet, these ringlets framed her face perfectly and promoted that natural charm that fans loved.

#2. Romantic Updos (Fearless / Love Story Era)

Taylor Swift at the 2010 People's Choice Awards Press Room, Nokia Theater L.A. Live, Los Angeles, CA. 01-06-10

As she entered the “Fearless” era, Taylor’s hairstyle became more polished and romantic. The “Love Story” music video features her with elegant, loosely curled hair, often adorned with delicate accessories like headbands and flowers. 

This period was all about that fairytale essence that perfectly matched her storytelling skills.

#3. Sideswept Retro Curls (Speak Now Era)

Taylor Swift arriving at "An Unforgettable Evening" benefiting EIF's Women's Cancer Research Fund 2010 - Beverly Wilshire Hotel - Beverly Hills, CA - January 27, 2010 - ©2010 Kathy Hutchins / Hutchins Photo

During the “Speak Now” era, Taylor was known for wearing retro-inspired side-swept curls. Channeling old Hollywood glamour, this style was all about volume and sophistication. 

The sideswept curls added a touch of maturity to her look, highlighting her growth as both an artist and a fashion icon.

#4. Straight Hair with Full Bangs (Red Era)

Taylor Swift at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, United States on September 6, 2012. Credit:

One of her most transformative looks came with the “Red” era. 

Embracing a straight hairstyle with her signature bangs, Taylor presented a more edgy and modern aesthetic. Her performances and music videos often showcased this style, especially during the “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” phase.

Taylor Swift wearing the infamous "not a lot going on at the moment" shirt.

#5. Sleek Ponytail

LOS ANGELES - NOV 21: Taylor Swift in the Press Room of the 2010 American Music Awards at Nokia Theater on November 21, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA

Known for her polished looks, Taylor often chose sleek ponytails for performances and public appearances. The ponytail, whether worn high or low, added sophistication and practicality, allowing her to dance and perform effortlessly.

#6. Short Bob (1989 Era)

Taylor Swift with a short bob hairstyle at the 2016 Grammys.

2014 Taylor surprised everyone by chopping her long hair into a chic blunt bob. This marked her transition into the pop world with the release of “1989.” 

The short bob was playful yet sophisticated, reflecting her newfound confidence and artistic freedom.

#7. Chic Lob with Sideswept Bangs

LOS ANGELES - MAR 2: Taylor Swift at the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party at the Sunset Boulevard on March 2, 2014 in West Hollywood, CA

The “1989” era also featured a long bob with bangs swept to the side of her face. This versatile hairstyle was perfect for her high-energy performances and red-carpet appearances. 

The lob offered the best of both worlds: the elegance of longer hair with the manageability of a shorter style.

#8. Bold Platinum (2016 Met Gala)

New York City, USA - May 2, 2016: Taylor Swift attends the Manus x Machina Fashion in an Age of Technology Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

One of her most daring looks to date, Taylor went for a bold platinum blonde hair color at the 2016 Met Gala. The icy blonde shade, paired with a tousled bob, was a bold move that showed her willingness to take risks and reinvent herself.

#9. Shaggy Lob (Reputation Era)

Taylor Swift Reputation album art.

The “Reputation” era was all about dark, moody aesthetics, and Taylor’s shaggy lob fit the mood. This textured shag haircut gave her rock-and-roll edge, perfectly matching the album’s themes of defiance and reinvention.

#10. Beachy Waves (Lover Era)

Taylor Swift with a shaggy lob haircut at the 2019 MTV VMAs.

For the “Lover” era, Taylor went for softer, romantic wavy hair. This carefree, bohemian style reflected the album’s dreamy, whimsical nature. 

Furthermore, the soft waves gave off an effortless beauty, perfect for this era’s light-hearted, love-centric themes.

#11. Braided Updo (Folklore/Evermore Era)

Taylor Swift at the 2019 Time 100 Gala in NYC.

With the release of her “Folklore” and “Evermore” albums, Taylor adopted a more ethereal, cottagecore aesthetic. Her braided updos became a signature look, exuding rustic elegance and simplicity. 

These intricate styles were beautiful and practical for her stripped-down live performances.

Taylor Swift Evermore - album art 2020

#12. Tousled Waves & Parted Bangs (Midnights Era)

Taylor Swift at the 2022 American Music Awards held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, USA on November 20, 2022.

In the “Midnights” era, Taylor’s tousled waves and parted bangs took center stage. 

This look is nostalgic and modern, blending elements of her past styles with a fresh twist. The relaxed waves give a laid-back vibe, while the parted bangs frame her face beautifully, adding a touch of sophistication.

Taylor Swift wearing an Oscar de la Renta dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry arrives at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards held at the Prudential Center on August 28, 2022 in Newark, New Jersey, United States. (Photo by Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency)

#13. Straight With Birkin Bangs (Eras Tour)

Taylor Swift performing at the Eras tour in 2023

For the monumental “Eras Tour,” Swift often wore straight hair with trendy Birkin bangs. This became one of the most iconic Taylor Swift hairstyles of all time.

This sleek style is elegant yet understated, perfectly complementing the diverse themes of her tour performances.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts Icon

Taylor Swift’s hairstyles are more than just fashion statements; they’re a testament to her ever-evolving artistic identity. Each look tells a story, reflecting her personal and professional growth. Her ability to constantly reinvent herself keeps fans and fashion enthusiasts eagerly anticipating her next transformation.

By embracing change and taking risks, Taylor cemented her status as a true style icon. Whether you’re a die-hard Swiftie or just a fashion lover, there’s no denying the impact of her iconic hairstyles on the beauty industry.

Ready to try out some of Taylor’s iconic looks? Whether it’s the vintage curls or a bold platinum bob, let her hairstyles inspire your own beauty journey. And remember, the key to any great look is confidence—wear it proudly!

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