21 Life-Changing DIY Hair Products You Can Buy on Amazon

Whether you're looking for a gift for your man, or some tools to do your own hair at home, these DIY hair products from Amazon are really...

Let’s talk about 21 AMAZING DIY hair products that will totally change your life… If you’re anything like me, you just like to do it yourself. When money gets tight, some of us tend to cut a few costs on things we can do at home, or maybe you just like to do things in the spur of the moment. No matter your reasoning, let me just assure you that there are tons of sweet products out there that make doing hair super easy for the typical person. Now, I’d love to share with you 21 of the most awesome …

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Hair Dryer Terminology

Did you know that the best hair dryers use tourmaline? Learn what all the terminology associated with hair dryers means! First, you should...

Today, my goal is to buy a new hair dryer for the salon.

I was checking prices and specs online when I realized that “there are like, a million different types of hair dryers out there.” I feel like it’s good to know the correct terms and how to choose the best of the best hair dryers, so I want to pass this info on to you.

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Fade Haircut Timelapse

Watch a Fade Haircut Timelapse

So last night, my husband desperately wanted me to cut his hair so he could look “fresh” for Thanksgiving, where we will obviously be around family. He gets a fade haircut and I thought that it might be a cool experiment to time-lapse the whole haircut on my iPad.. and I think the results turned out pretty cool…

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Why Choose Titanium Hot Tools?

Have you ever heard of titanium hot tools and wondered what all the hype was about? Learn about the benefits of using titanium on your hair..

Do you ever wonder what makes one curling iron different from another? Or what the different hot tools terminology means? I recently covered nano silver hot tools so today I am going to explain to you the benefits of using titanium hot tools. Benefits of Titanium Hot Tools: Titanium plates distribute heat more evenly than other metals used in hot tools, creating a more even style and eliminating “damage spots.” Titanium conducts heat better than most metals, and also transfers heat to the hair faster than most metals. This cuts way down on damage done to the hair. Be careful though, because if …

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