The 10 Most-Asked Questions About Hair (Answers Included)

Odds are that you've wondered what the answers to some of these questions about hair were. Let a professional hairstylist teach you about them. #Hair #HealthyHair #HairFacts #HairTips

Part of being a hairstylist is to inform people about their hair needs.

It’s common for people to look for your expert opinions about their diverse questions about hair. Sometimes you will get asked some pretty crazy questions about hair.

On the other hand, there are some pretty common questions that you will be asked often.

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Super Cute Short Hairstyle

First off, I absolutely love this hairstyle, called an “undercut”. It was originally made popular by Miley Cyrus (although I didn’t like it at first). Second, I also love old-school barber hairstyles, especially those with designs. This amazing short hairstyle combines the beauty of both worlds. Want this cute, short hairstyle? This should be pretty easy for any barber to deliver. the top of the hair needs to be sectioned off in a very even, horseshoe-shaped section. Everything outside of this section, should be cut short with clippers. This woman has a design cut into the short part of her hair with …

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The Most Iconic Hairstyles of the Last 100 Years

Hairstyles come and go but iconic hairstyles last forever. Check out the most iconic hairstyles for each decade of the last 100 years...

Let’s talk about the most iconic hairstyles of the past 100 years.  If you take a snapshot of any point in history, the odds are that people thought they had the best hairstyles ever to exist. Nowadays, when we look back at some of the hairstyles in the past, we thank the good lord that we didn’t live in that time period. I, personally,  love all the different hairstyles from the different eras, and think they are all unique in their own ways. It’s crazy interesting to see how everything has evolved throughout the years. So without further ado, I present to …

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