TIGI Urban Antidotes | Product Review

TIGI Bedhead has a new line of hair products called "Urban Antidotes" that are amazing! The first thing they do for your hair is...

Urban Antidotes by TIGI Bedhead has three different lines of products, and each of them will make your hair feel amazing! What are the Urban Antidotes? Re-energize for damage level 1: Perfect for: normal hair that needs a daily pick-me-up Urban Antidote #1 (shampoo): Work hard, play hard … That’s how you roll. Get yourself back to normal with a hydrating, strengthening & shine-enhancing shampoo. The shampoo livens up moisture levels, boosts hair strength and promotes color retention. Urban Antidote #1 (conditioner): Put some oomph back into your tired, over-stimulated hair. Supercharged hydrating conditioner helps strengthen weak, blah hair giving it a rush …

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Redken Cleansing Cream | Product Review

If you want to try the best clarifying shampoo ever, you should check out Redken Cleansing Cream. This product will remove all buildup without drying your hair.

Did you know that you should clarify your hair about once a week to remove all products and buildup? This will leave your hair feeling new and fresh. However, some clarifying shampoo can really dry your hair out if you aren’t careful. Redken Cleansing Cream is easily the best clarifier around; it will leave your hair feeling really good, without even slightly drying it out…

Did you know that you should clarify your hair once a week for awesome hair? Redken cleansing cream will make your hair feel fresh, without..

Clarifying your hair is good because all kinds of junk starts to build up in your hair as time goes on. This is especially true if you shampoo that is formulated to gently cleanse the hair since these don’t remove the heavy product and mineral buildup from tap water. Also, a lot of styling products contain silicones that aren’t soluble in water.

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