Grow Your Own Extreme Christmas Tree Hair!

Want some holiday hair inspiration? Take your Christmas spirit to the next level with this extreme Christmas tree hair...

Do you have some serious Christmas spirit? Do you like to stand out?

Even though I love the holiday season, and I’m all about “crazy”, some of these Christmas tree hairstyles are a little much for me. However, that doesn’t mean that countless people on the internet aren’t partaking in the #ChristmasTreeHair trend.

Aside from internet trendiness, these hairstyles might even be pretty awesome to wear to an ugly-sweater party.

Here are some of the most extreme Christmas tree hairstyles I could find and some tips on how to grow your own Christmas tree hairstyle…

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Super Cute Short Hairstyle

First off, I absolutely love this hairstyle, called an “undercut”. It was originally made popular by Miley Cyrus (although I didn’t like it at first). Second, I also love old-school barber hairstyles, especially those with designs. This amazing short hairstyle combines the beauty of both worlds. Want this cute, short hairstyle? This should be pretty easy for any barber to deliver. the top of the hair needs to be sectioned off in a very even, horseshoe-shaped section. Everything outside of this section, should be cut short with clippers. This woman has a design cut into the short part of her hair with …

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