5 Holiday Hairstyles You NEED To Try This Year (Tutorials Included)

I don’t know about you but I am definitely starting to get into the Christmas spirit this year! I am so excited to decorate my tree and watch Christmas movies while the snow comes down outside! 

On top of that, I’ve been loving some of these holiday hair tutorials that will give you some fun ideas for your holiday parties and family gatherings. Check out these five fabulous holiday hairstyles that you totally need to try!

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5 Flawless Christmas Hair Ideas and Makeup Tips

Christmas is just around the corner! Here are some flawless Christmas hair ideas and makeup tips for you to enjoy (tutorials included)...

Let’s talk about a few of my favorite Christmas hair ideas for the holidays this year…

Odds are that you are going to be spending some time with your family and friends over the next few days for Christmas (or any other holidays you celebrate). Grandma’s coming to town and you want to look your best!

I’ve pulled together a few tutorials of perfect, flawless Christmas hair ideas and makeup tips so you can easily look your absolute best while focusing on the more important things.

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4 Quick and Easy Holiday Party Hair Ideas

Looking for a new style? Here are a few quick holiday party hair ideas, so you can focus on more important things this holiday season...

It’s that time of year! Holiday parties are around every corner and you will probably be super busy with everything else going on.

I know this time of year can be pretty hectic so I just wanted to help you out by providing a few video tutorials of some holiday party hair ideas.

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Beautiful Christmas Eye Makeup

Do you love both makeup and Christmas? Then, you are sure to love this beautiful red, green and silver Christmas eye makeup...

Since I am all about crazy makeup, I love looking up festive Christmas eye makeup for holidays. I think something like this would be so fun for a Christmas party or to even wear to work on Christmas eve. Want Beautiful Christmas Eye Makeup? If you want to see exactly how this look was created, here is the tutorial: Christmas makeup (silver, red, green)Watch this video on YouTube For a quick rundown of how this was done: First, she highlights the brow bone with a subtle shimmer. Then, she uses a shimmery silver cream eyeshadow on her whole lid and lines her bottom …

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