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10 Fun Summer Hair Color Ideas (To Try This Year)

Summer is here, my friend… and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

The sun is blazing, and the pool sounds like a place I want to live for the next couple of months. The days are long and the evenings are the perfect temperature.

It really is the greatest season of all.

To celebrate this glorious time of year, I wanted to share with you some super fun summer hair color ideas I’ve collected from the depths of Instagram.

But fair warning, for the warmer seasons, I absolutely love the idea of a bold, bright shade to make you stand out from the crowd. Take a look, and let me know what you think…

Do you want to stand out this summer? Here are some super fun summer hair color ideas that will ensure you turn heads this year...

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Watermelon Hair

Watermelon hair is the perfect summer hair color!
📷Credit: @serahdoeshairahh

When you think of summer, chowing down on watermelon probably comes to mind. It’s a staple of the American summer diet.

So with that being said, watermelon hair makes the first cut on my list. Different shades of green and pink mixed together on the same canvas make the hair look undeniably like our favorite treat.

💡TIP: Pair it with a super cute watermelon scrunchie for extra trend points.

Neon Hair

Neon orange hair is the perfect summer hair color!
📷Credit: @thejesjewel
Neon green and purple hair is the perfect summer hair color!
📷Credit: @fabhairbyjosh

Summer is about being bold, so why not go with a bold summer hair color? I absolutely love the idea of a solid neon hue (any color works).

It’s not even that hard to do at home. Take it from Evelina Forsell.

Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde is the perfect summer hair color!
📷Credit: @lexxylauren
Platinum blonde is the perfect summer hair color!
📷Credit: @rachelwstylist

I had platinum blonde hair for years and I miss it more than you can imagine. It was such a fun style to rock and it brightened up my life.

Platinum blonde basically means that the hair has been lightened and toned with a purple base. I know it’s a basic shade of blonde hair, but bold nonetheless.

If you think about it… it’s absolutely perfect for summer. I mean… doesn’t it remind you of a Malibu Beach Barbie or something? Just remember that to get your hair this light can be pretty damaging, so it’s imperative to give it extra love.

Olaplex No. 3 was formulated to repair bleached hair and is one of the only products on the market that can do so.

Golden Balayage

Golden balayage is the perfect summer hair color!
📷Credit: @thesalteblond

On the other hand, I also love the idea of a golden blonde for summer.

Balayage is the perfect style for the golden shades, as it’s way lower maintenance and looks incredibly natural. This look really makes your hair look like it’s been kissed by the sun.

Pink Dip-Dye

Blonde with pink dip dye is the perfect summer hair color!
📷Credit: @meesh_hair

I’m really lovin’ on the blonde hair with dip-dyed ends this year. I think I was inspired by Taylor Swift’s pastel colors that came to light at the beginning of summer.

Taylor Swift singing Me gif

To be fair, I like the idea of blonde hair with any shade of dip-dyed ends, but I realllllly love the pink.

It is important to note that there are a right and a wrong way to do dip dye, and they’re entirely different from each other. Teasing the hair before adding color, will give it a more blended look.

Let Tasha Leelyn show you how it’s done:

Bright Cherry Red

Several different shades of red hair have been kinda fading in popularity, but I still like the idea of a bright, bold cherry red as a summer hair color.

Like watermelon, cherries are a perfect summer treat… so why not represent that with our hair?

Think about it gif

Sun-Kissed Chocolate

Sun-kissed chocolate hair is the perfect summer hair color!
📷Credit: @tabeth_and_co

This year, dark chocolate brown has actually shown up as a trendy summer style. Why not give it a sun-kissed look with some subtle caramel highlights?

It adds dimension and gives it more of a summery feel. I just love this whole idea to pieces.

Mermaid Hair

Mermaid hair is the perfect summer hair color!
📷Credit: @sarahpotempa
Mermaid hair is the perfect summer hair color!
📷Credit: @mandaharsche

Mermaid hair is a popular color trend year-round, but it’s extra perfect for summer.

I mean… think about it… You’ll be spending time at the beach. Mermaids live in the ocean. Your inner mermaid will be awakened.

Little Mermaid Gif

There is really no set color scheme that makes up “mermaid hair,” but typically blues, greens, teals, and purples seem to fit the part.

Just be careful because the sun and saltwater will wreck your hair and strip that color incredibly fast. Keep reading to see some tips on how to save it.

Bright Blonde Babylights

Gone are the days of the Kelly Clarkson chunky highlights. These days it’s all about subtle dimension that blends right into your natural hair.

Babylights are a growing trend as they add much more dimension and get closer to your scalp than balayage and ombre styles. The trick is to keep the subsections tiny so they blend perfectly with the rest of the hair.

Pink Lemonade Hair

Pink lemonade hair is the perfect summer hair color!
📷Credit: @k.s.colors

Last, but definitely not least, I chose pink lemonade hair for several reasons.

First off, lemonade. Yum.

Second, it blends some of the best summer hair colors into one delicious treat. Bright yellow is a crazy popular hair trend, and as I’ve already covered, pink is a fun summer color.

It’s a bold, yet super fun look… and I promise it will turn heads.

Bonus Info

Bonus Icon

It’s no secret that hair color is expensive AF. To get some of these bright hues, you’ll have to endure multiple processes and it could take hours to achieve.

That being said, make sure you protect your hair with all you’ve got. The sun will absolutely destroy your hair and fade your dye job quicker than you can say “summer hair color.”

Make sure to cover up and shade your hair from the sun. Trendy beach hats and UV protection are a must. Find out what else you can do to keep your hair healthy in the summer.

Trust me, you’ll be happy you did.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts Icon

Since summer is all about being bold and fearless, these bright summer hair color shades could be the perfect look for you. Everything from bright platinum blonde to bold neon orange is welcome.

This year, don’t blend in with the crowd. Do something crazy. It might just be what you’re looking for.

Until next time,

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YOUR TURN: What do you think about these beautiful hair colors? Is there a summer hair color idea you want to add to this list? Drop your thoughts below! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼