Steri-Dri Fumigant

Have you ever wondered what Steri-Dri Fumigant is?

Have you ever seen Steri-Dri Fumigant at the beauty supply store and wondered what the heck it was? Learn all about it...

What is Steri-Dri Fumigant?

State Board (of Cosmetology) laws are not really my forte. However, I do know that in Nevada, every cupboard or cabinet that houses implements or towels in a salon needs to have a small container of this product. I assume that other states have similar laws as well. Since I never really knew what this product actually was, I decided to do a little research. I also realize that information about this product is hard to come by on the internet, therefore I hope this helps anyone that is interested.

Steri-Dri Fumigant is a dry sanitizer, meaning it will sanitize anything in the same vicinity with it for 24-hours. It kills different forms of fungus and bacteria. To use it, simply uncap it and place in the cupboard or cabinet. Keep in mind that it is only good for 6 months, therefore you should replace it often.

The main ingredient is Paraformaldehyde, which kills unwanted organisms. The other two “inert ingredients” are Camphor (probably to keep insects away), and Zinc Sterate. I also know that this product is not sold in California.

Noble Pine Products Co. in Yonkers, NY manufactures Steri-Dri and Marianna Industries sells it. Check out the official website to learn more.

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