Super Cute Short Hairstyle

First off, I absolutely love this hairstyle, called an “undercut”. It was originally made popular by Miley Cyrus (although I didn’t like it at first). Second, I also love old-school barber hairstyles, especially those with designs. This amazing short hairstyle combines the beauty of both worlds.

This super cute short hairstyle is so fun and I just love it. Check out how I think a barber would deliver this hairstyle...

Want this cute, short hairstyle?

This should be pretty easy for any barber to deliver. the top of the hair needs to be sectioned off in a very even, horseshoe-shaped section. Everything outside of this section, should be cut short with clippers. This woman has a design cut into the short part of her hair with small clippers, called “edgers” or “trimmers“. The edges of her hair were also “lined up” using the same small clippers. The top of the hair should be cut, but just long enough to blend in with the rest of the hair. Make sure not to cut it too short, or else it will all be sticking up, and will not look good.

My favorite part about this style is the contrast between the dark brown on the sides and the platinum blonde on top. The longer parts of the hair were most likely lightened with bleach, while the sides may just be her natural hair, or could be colored with a dark brown.

What do you guys think about this hairstyle? Would you ever cut your hair like this? I’d love to read your feedback in the comments section below!

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