Beautiful Christmas Eye Makeup

Since I am all about crazy makeup, I love looking up festive Christmas eye makeup for holidays. I think something like this would be so fun for a Christmas party or to even wear to work on Christmas eve.

Do you love both makeup and Christmas?  Then, you are sure to love this beautiful red, green and silver Christmas eye makeup...

Want Beautiful Christmas Eye Makeup?

If you want to see exactly how this look was created, here is the tutorial:

Christmas makeup (silver, red, green)

For a quick rundown of how this was done:

  1. First, she highlights the brow bone with a subtle shimmer.
  2. Then, she uses a shimmery silver cream eyeshadow on her whole lid and lines her bottom outside corner with a black pencil and creates a winged liner look on the top lid.
  3. She then creates a cut crease with red and blends it out. She uses a darker red to enforce the line and continues to blend it.
  4. She blends green eyeshadow along the bottom lid and uses a lighter green towards the inside corner. She, then, uses a matte black to smudge the wing.
  5. She tightlines the waterline with a green eye pencil and then touches up her silver eyeshadow and brow bone.
  6. She doesn’t show it in her tutorial, but her eyebrows are defined, there is an inner corner “sharp cat eye,” and she is also wearing fake lashes.

What do you think about this beautiful Christmas eye makeup? Would you ever wear this look? I’d love to read your feedback in the comments section below!



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