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Paul Mitchell Spray Wax (AKA The Best Texturizer In The World)・Product Review

Paul Mitchell Spray Wax is one of my absolute favorite hair products around.

Want a miracle product to add texture to any hairstyle? Paul Mitchell Spray Wax is PERFECT for that piecey, layered look. First, you just...

This product works wonders on hair that has a lot of texture. It creates a really piecey, layered look and I absolutely love it.

Benefits of Paul Mitchell Spray Wax:

  • It creates bendable texture
  • The light aerosol mist is easy to apply to all hair lengths and types
  • It has non-oily wax to create a satin finish
  • Fine, flexible beeswax adds pliability

How I Recommend Using It:

  1. Spray a decent amount in your hands, and rub them together (make sure to get some on your fingers).
  2. Lightly work through your dry hair.
  3. Don’t use toward your scalp.
  4. This will create a finished, messy look, without looking grungy.

This is How Paul Mitchell Recommends Using it:

  1. Shake well and spray lightly into dry hair.
  2. Work through with your fingers.

Do you want beautifully textured hair? Like almost everything else in the world, you can find this product on Amazon for a steal.

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Your Turn: Have you ever used Paul Mitchell Spray Wax? What did you think? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section below…