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My Black, White and Yellow MAC Eyeshadow

Today I wanted to try something different with my typical MAC eyeshadow routine….

Today, I tried something new with my eye makeup. I wanted to try adding a pop of yellow to my typical black and white MAC eyeshadow...

Black, White and Yellow MAC Eyeshadow:

It’s pretty common for me to do black and white eyeshadow using this nifty MAC eyeshadow palette (pictured above), but today I wanted to add a little pop of color.

I outlined my typical eyeshadow with “Bright Sunshine,” also by MAC. I do realize that I should have blended the black into the yellow more. Additionally, I could have even softened the hard outline on the yellow. But when I created this look I was less-experienced then I am now and just didn’t know.

Finish off the look with some winged eyeliner, using liquid eyeliner, and tightline your waterline with something like Le Crayon Khôl in Black Lapis, by Lancôme.

As a side note, I was listening to “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons, while doing my makeup. I feel like that song could have been my inspiration to add the yellow, because I’m just weird like that. 🙂

Even though this look was not polished off (due to my inexperience at the time), what do you think? Would you ever consider mixing some yellow with black and white? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section below…