What is a Lob Haircut?

Unless you live under a rock, chances are you have heard the term “lob haircut” at some point during the last year. Lobs are definitely one of the biggest hair trends right now and I don’t see them going anywhere soon. So the question is:  What exactly is a “lob”? … And what is the difference between a lob and regular bob haircut?

Have you heard the term "lob," and wondered what it meant?  Learn all about what a lob haircut is and what the difference between a lob and a bob is.

The name “lob” is a combination of the words “long” and “bob,” creating a unique word for a “long bob”. They are typically A-lined (longer in the front and shorter in the back) and have some slight layering. It is trendy to wear a lob with waves or curls but it also looks good straight.

The popularity of the lob stems from the fact that it is a shorter haircut, but allows you to still put your hair up… and if you decide in a month that you don’t like it, it will be a lot easier to grow out. Another benefit about the lob is that it is flattering on almost anyone.

Examples of a Lob Haircut:

What is your opinion of the lob haircut? Do you like it? Love it? Please leave your feedback in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “What is a Lob Haircut?”

  1. I have not had a haircut for 5-6 yrs i tried trimming it myself lol!it was to my butt,Above it now!i only put 1 hair dye on it to cober the lil greys but ut did not stay in!i wanted to go back to blonde and shorter cut cause me being 41,fulktime gr of aust grandson Axel 3 its always on my head And it took me 10 yrs to get hair this long but Im sick of it!I just got find a day to do this cause i have no sitter none and yes have never had grandson stay anywhere!He us so hyper,he does flip out in oublic at times and a few hrs of feeling oretty agsin i need!Lob my bangs long in front shortEr n back i real want to try but like i said i gotta figu so ething out w axel ir just take him!Cute cut buti think it look beter shorter in back

  2. I have a very inverted bob.. As it is now, it’s grown out. So it’s almost a LOB. Dinna like it at all. I prefer shorter. To me.. This just looks like the way I would cut my hair when it was long. Cute styles.. But no Bob about it

  3. I like to get my husband’s opinion. We make mutual decisions on most things because, as you said, it is 2016. He asks what haircut looks good for him; I do the same for myself. Automatically doing what we want and not consulting the other is a good way to make a marriage fail.

  4. Love it, I have been debating on cutting my hair. I have always liked the longer in front, shorter in back but not wanting to go extreme of an a line or bob, (per my husband’s opinion) so the lob is a perfect meet in the middle. I have thin hair and I think the lob will be the perfect marriage of keeping length, gaining style, and my hair looking fuller. Love the Lob action! ?


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