Katy Perry’s New Hair | Celeb Hairstyle of the Week

This week I chose Katy Perry’s new hair for my Celebrity Hairstyle of the Week.

This week I chose Katy Perry's wild new hair color for my celeb hairstyle of the week!

I did this partly because she has a new movie coming out and partly because I love her new music video for “Wide Awake.”

Katy Perry - Wide Awake (Official Video)

Anyways, I am really excited that Ms. Perry decided to steer away from the teal-colored hair. She is one of the prettiest people in Hollywood, but she looked so tacky with faded hair color and huge roots.

This week I chose Katy Perry's new hair for my celebrity hairstyle of the week.

Katy Perry’s New Hair:

I love Katy Perry’s new hair. Black hair looks so amazing on her. It makes her eyes really pop. The cool thing about her hair is that it still has small hints of purple in it, which, in my opinion, is really awesome. She had vibrant cotton candy hair for her Teenage Dream theme and now she is promoting The Complete Confection which has darker ties to Teenage Dream. The cool thing is that she still has the color of the cotton candy hair but it is darker and mixed with black. I really think it is so artistic and awesome.

To style your hair like Katy Perry, first, set your hair with big rollers when it is wet. Next, allow it some time to dry. When you take the rollers out, smooth out the curls with a natural bristle brush to add shine.

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Do you like Katy Perry’s new hair? What color is our favorite on her? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section below…

2 thoughts on “Katy Perry’s New Hair | Celeb Hairstyle of the Week”

  1. i hate katy perry shes not the prettiest >.> just her makeup makes her look nice theres celebs that look better im just saying maybe you should open your eyes up also i dont like how shes so hypocritical with her lyrics and stuff and shes not great of a singer i know people in real life who can sing way better than her. but hay her hair is ok so thumbs up on that i guess >.>

    • Lol I’m sorry you feel that way, but I think she is one of the prettiest people in the world. I’ll agree that most of her songs are not “omg amazing” (ET is pretty awesome) but they are not horrible either. I really do like her for the most part.


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