Katie Holmes on Elle | Celebrity Hairstyle of the Week

For this week, I chose Katie Holmes on Elle Magazine for my Celebrity Hairstyle of the Week. To be honest, I am not really much of a Katie Holmes fan. In fact, I think she is usually pretty weird. However, I do have a soft spot for her right now as she is going through a nasty divorce and I’m way less of a Tom Cruise fan. But I must say that I love this hairstyle on her…
I chose Katie Holmes on Elle Magazine for this week's celeb hairstyle of the week...

This week she is in the limelight, because of her divorce and custody battle… but also because she is on the cover of Elle Magazine. I do have to say that I absolutely love her hair in this photo-shoot. She looks so much younger and sexier with this hairstyle than she did with her bob haircut. I also really love her bangs; they really accentuate her face. She has so much thick, healthy hair (probably extensions) and her bangs just add to that look. I feel like she looks mysterious, edgy and amazing.

Want To Look Like Katie Holmes on Elle Magazine?

  • To achieve her look, I would suggest to first blow-dry your hair.
  • Her bangs appear to be straightened, but the rest of her hair doesn’t look like it was styled.
  • I would spray some Paul Mitchell Spray Wax in your hands, and rub them together. Then work the product through the ends of your hair to give it the same messy look as Katie Holmes.

Your Turn: What is your opinion of Katie Holmes’ hair on Elle Magazine? Are you loving her new look? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section below…

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