I Tried No Poo and Loved It!

Earlier today, when I was at the grocery store, I decided that I wanted to buy some baking soda and apple cider vinegar so I could try the “No Poo Method.”  I figured that since I recently wrote an article about it, I had to try it so I can give my actual opinion. Here’s the story of the time I tried no poo and liked it!

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The Story of When I Tried No Poo:

I was super excited to take a shower tonight, so I could try the no poo method and learn what the hype is all about. I will admit that washing your hair with baking soda is rough. It does not lather at all. I made sure that I covered my whole head and just mimicked shampooing my hair. It felt pretty normal, so I figured, “whatever.”

The next thing I want to tell you about is the amazing part. I tilted my head back and just poured the apple cider vinegar all over my hair. I made sure to cover my whole head with the rinse. It smelled really strong and it definitely cleared my sinuses. I also advise to make sure not to tilt your head forward because, take it from me.. vinegar does not feel too good in your eyes.

Anyways, when I washed the vinegar out, my hair felt really good. It felt clean and manageable, and I had no problem combing my hair out afterwards. Now, my hair is air drying and if feels amazing. It’s so soft and honestly, it’s been a long time since my hair felt this good. I even had my boyfriend husband feel my hair and he said “Wow! That is so soft!”

What I Thought:

I’m not gonna lie… I was a bit skeptical before I tried the no poo method, especially since my hair is bleached and very damaged. I wasn’t worried about the baking soda, because I can usually go a week or so without shampooing my hair before it gets greasy. Most of all, I thought there was no way in hell that apple cider vinegar would be able to condition my hair. The great part is, I didn’t even smell like vinegar afterwards. You really can’t knock it ’till you try it.

Since my hair is colored, I will definitely have to use more than just vinegar over long periods of time. I have to make sure to replenish my hair’s protein and moisture supply as well, but I am going to try using the vinegar rinse once or twice a week. Since vinegar is acidic, and bleach and color are alkaline, it can help restore your hair’s pH levels. It also closes the cuticle, which makes your hair appear healthier and shinier.

2017 UPDATE:  Arbonne is a great alternative to the typical harsh ingredients found in shampoo.

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Have you ever tried no poo? What did you think? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section below.

9 thoughts on “I Tried No Poo and Loved It!”

  1. I tried this on my hair for a month, just like everyone it went through a greasy stage and then got used to it…kinda. My hair was less greAsy and I could go longer without washing but my hair but it was really tangly and dry and nappy even after a month. The only positive was the volume but the rest wasnt worth it…I ended up stopping and got myself some burts bees shampoo and conditioner. I’m glad it worked for you but it doesn’t work for everyone despite all the good reviews.

  2. If your hair feels dry on the ends, I use a small( less than my little finger nail) amount of organic raw coconut oil and my hair is full of shine and bounce! My hairs goes from frizz to lovely waves! Hope this helps. I have coloured, blonde medium length hair x

  3. I forgot to add in my last post… I bought spray bottles at Walmart for like $1 each and mixed my AC vinager/water and leave in the shower. It helps keep it from dripping into my eyes. And I waste much less. I did the same w/ baking soda/ water

  4. I have had a difficult time with the no poo method. My hair is color treated and very damaged. When I use the baking soda my hair feels like straw and the vinaiger makes it somewhat manageable, but it looks horrible! I was using distiller ACV but switched to organic and it helped some. I was also washing daily, but i wash day one, nothing day 2, ACV day 3 then repeat now. its has helped. i also do not apply heat except low setting on my hair dryer now. I am completing week 3 and I am seeing improvements, but its a hard transition for me. I am trying your olive oil, honey and egg mask to see if this helps. It’s weird I thought I had really oily hair when I used shampoo, but it was my scalp over compensating. What ratio of baking soda to water do you use and ACV to water? Thanks! Love your tips and tricks!

    • Hi Nicole! When I used to use this method, I would just apply the ACV straight on my hair, and wouldn’t really measure the baking soda. If I had to estimate, it was probably about 1 part baking soda to 4 parts water? ish? Anyways, I did notice that over time, my hair did start to dry out so I discontinued using this method. Now I am using a “Wen”-type alternative and I love it! I’m glad you like our website! Thanks for the feedback!

  5. Hollee,

    I’m going to try this on the weekend when I have time. It sounds great! Thanks for trying this and giving helpful hints. I’m one of those people that would have ended up with vinegar in their eye.


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