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Full Head Highlights Timelapse

Over the weekend, my mom wanted me to do her hair. I thought it might be pretty cool to take a timelapse of the whole thing and post it for everyone to see! I love how it turned out and it is so fun to watch. So here is my mom’s full head highlights timelapse:

The Products I Used:

The Process:

  1. First, I mixed all of the colors/bleach in their own bowl. I like to use a whisk to make sure the color is nice and smooth.
  2. Next, I quickly cut foils into halves.
  3. I sectioned my mom’s hair into 6 sections:
    • The first section in the middle of the top, front to the crown.
    • The next sections on each side, from crown to ear.
    • Another section in the top of the back of her head.
    • And finally, one section on each side of her nape.
  4. I applied 8NB to the entire nape sections. I used foils to break up each subsection.
  5. For the rest of her head, I followed an “8NB, bleach, 8N, bleach” pattern.
  6. On each of the sides, my mom asked me to make the bottom portion and front subsection dark (8NB). I carved out a diagonal/vertical subsection on the front of each side and applied 8NB to the entire subsection.

Additional Notes:

  • My mom had asked me to do many smaller subsections. She also likes it to be very blended and natural so I “weave” each subsection with a weaving comb.
  • The foil pattern I usually follow is horizontal in each subsection, besides the two vertical subsections on each side. I usually start with the nape and go all the way up, and then go from the bottom-up on each side. I usually do the top section last.

Your Turn: What do you think of my mom’s hair? Was the highlights timelapse cool to watch? Please leave your feedback in the comments section below!

The other day when I did my mom's full head of highlights, I decided to do a highlights timelapse. It turned out pretty cool.....