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What’s The Deal With Henna Hair Color?

Have you ever heard of henna hair color?

Do you know what Henna Hair Color is all about? Learn the pros and cons of using this natural hair color alternative...

In a world where it’s better to have everything natural, henna could be a pretty favorable option.

…but hold your horses! It’s not quite as awesome as it sounds!

The Downside of Henna Hair Color:

The number one most important thing you should know is that henna hair color is completely permanent. This means that you cannot undo it after you put it on your hair. Which means you have to let it grow completely out of your hair before coloring it again with normal color, or lightening it. Trying to color over it or lighten it can and most likely will result in your hair turning a horrible color (like green) and/or melting off.

This is because most henna hair colors contain metallic compounds to add color to the dye. Real henna is only red, and any other color was enhanced by metallic compounds. Both metallic compounds, and natural henna have horrible reactions with regular hair color.

If you did use henna on your hair and hate it, however, there is hope for you. You can cover it with a semi-permanent color for the time being, until the henna grows out. This means that you can only use darker shades than what your hair is now, though.

How To Use It:

So to use the henna hair color, you will usually mix the color with water. Keep in mind that henna will dye anything it touches, so make sure to wear gloves and old clothes. You should probably make sure you stay in the shower too. After applying it to your hair, you have to wrap your head in plastic wrap to keep the henna warm, and let it process. It could take anywhere from one to six hours to process.

You should also know that it will mix with whatever color is already in your hair. Therefore if you had highlights to begin with, you will have highlights afterward. It will not even out the color in your hair.

If you are 100% sure you want red, henna-colored hair for the rest of your life, and like the more natural option, then henna hair color is for you, and you can get it here.

If not, I’d say to stay as far away as possible!

Now you know…


Tuesday 9th of July 2013

Sounds great if you're sure you want to have permanent red hair!


Tuesday 9th of July 2013

Sounds great if you're sure you want to have permanent red hair!