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Hair In Forensics

Forensic scientists always love to find a piece of hair at the scene of the crime. This is because you can tell so much about the person from just a single piece of hair in forensics.

Do you know everything scientists can tell about you from a single strand of hair? Learn all about hair in forensics...

What You Can Find With Hair In Forensics:

With an analysis of just a single strand of hair, you can tell if someone uses drugs, what they eat, what type of hair products they use, or if they chemically alter their hair. You can tell what type of health the person is in, if they have vitamin deficiencies, or what types of diseases they have.

Sometimes under a microscope, you can even tell what species, race or gender the person is. If the root of the hair is attached to the strand of hair, it will provide a full DNA record. Unfortunately for criminals, you cannot control the rate at which you lose hair and everyone constantly sheds hair. Remember that next time you want to commit a crime.

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