How Gray Magic Works

Have you ever heard of “Gray Magic”?

Have you ever heard of gray magic? It's a hair color additive that will make the color adhere better to gray hair...but how does it work?

If not, let me tell you about it…

We sell this product at Sally Beauty Supply, where I work my second job, but I’ve also heard many clients talk about it over the years. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a color additive that makes the color adhere better to gray hair. Gray hair is super resistant, and can be very hard to color.

How Gray Magic Works:

Gray hair is the result of the loss of yellow and red tones in the hair. The resistance of gray hair is caused by the tightening of the cuticle. Gray magic, when mixed with peroxide, helps open the cuticle wider to allow better penetration of hair color, and also helps replenish the red and yellow tones back into the hair, to give a richer, more vibrant color.

It is also equipped with “wetting agents” to replenish moisture in the hair. These wetting agents also allow gray magic to be mixed into semi-permanent colors that are used without developer. However, it will have no effect when mixed into a rinse or other temporary color.

To use gray magic, simply mix 10 drops per every ounce of color. To buy gray magic, check out Amazon for the best deals…

Now you know….

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