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21 Gorgeous Hair Color Ideas (To Transform Your Look This Year)

Let’s talk about some gorgeous hair color ideas!

Are you tired of your same old, boring hair color? Well, get ready to shake things up because I’ve got some seriously stunning hair color ideas that will have you looking and feeling fabulous.

According to Glamour Magazine, over 48 million TikTok users have engaged in the Hair Theory trend – which generally shows how different hairstyles and colors change how you’re perceived. “For example, a more adventurous, colorful hairstyle may signify a bolder, experimental personality, while a sleeker, more classic cut may suggest a more sophisticated, professional person.”

That said, I’ve rounded up 21 jaw-dropping options guaranteed to turn heads. From subtle highlights to bold, vibrant hues, this diverse list has something for everyone.

So, get ready to step out of your comfort zone and into the salon because these hair color ideas are absolutely gorgeous.

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Looking for a new stylish new hair color? Check out these gorgeous hair color ideas and elevate your look with confidence!

Rose Gold Hair

Beautiful rose gold hair color on mid-length wavy hair.
📷Credit: @douglasreidhair

Rose gold hair is a stunning trend that combines shades of pink, gold, and copper to create a warm, rosy hue.

Caramel Balayage

Beautiful caramel balayage on mid-length wavy hair.
📷Credit: @jessicascotthair

This hair coloring technique blends caramel hues with the natural base, creating a gorgeous lived-in look.

Smokey Lilac

Beautiful smokey lilac hair color on long hair.
📷Credit: @hairbyfranco

Smokey lilac hair color is an enchanting shade that combines muted purple and grey tones.

Peek-a-Boo Blue

Gorgeous ash blonde and royal blue hair color on long wavy hair.
📷Credit: @lovecrayzeehair

Incorporating vibrant royal blue shades under a top layer of blonde creates a striking contrast and a dynamic appearance.

Chocolate Cherry

Beautiful chocolate cherry hair color on long wavy hair.
📷Credit: @hairbyjuudddyyy

Chocolate cherry hair blends rich, dark brown hues with sultry red undertones, creating a decadent hair color that exudes sophistication.


Beautiful bronde hair color on long wavy hair.
📷Credit: @colorbymaddie

Bronde hair color is a perfect balance of blonde and brunette, with golden-brown tones that create a sun-kissed, natural appearance with warmth and dimension.

Color-Blocked Pastels

Beautiful pastel hair color on short bob haircut.
📷Credit: @guy_tang

This method uses pastel shades in bold patterns to create a unique look that is playful and modern.

White Ash Blonde

Beautiful ash blonde hair color on long straight hair.

Ash blonde is a cool, chic shade characterized by its muted, silvery undertones.

Black and Blue

Beautiful blue and black hair color on long wavy hair.
📷Credit: @krystaalyse

This gorgeous hair color combines the depth of black with vibrant blue tones, creating a bold and mesmerizing look.

Sunset Ombré

Beautiful sunset ombre hair color on long wavy hair.
📷Credit: @hairbyskylarbunch

This stunning ombré combines red, orange, and pink shades to imitate a sunset gradient effect.

Highlighted Rainbow

Beautiful purple hair with rainbow highlights on long wavy hair.
📷Credit: @seagreenehair

This gorgeous hair color incorporates a spectrum of colors, creating a whimsical and eye-catching effect.

Honey Blonde Highlights

Beautiful honey blonde hair color on long wavy hair.
📷Credit: @olivialaura_

Honey blonde highlights add warmth and brightness to hair to create a classic look.

Dusty Rose

Beautiful dusty rose pink hair color on length bob haircut.
📷Credit: @mirellamanelli

Dusty rose embodies a muted, vintage pink hue that imparts a soft and romantic quality to the hair.

Electric Green

Beautiful electric green hair color on long hair.
📷Credit: @stephanysmithhair

This style combines different shades of green to create a captivating and multi-dimensional masterpiece.

Silver Blue

This hair color mixes silver and blue tones for a futuristic, otherworldly appearance.

Icy Platinum

Gorgeous icy platinum hair on long wavy hair.
📷Credit: @zunnyhair

Platinum blonde hair is a very light color that is almost white, giving a glamorous and modern appearance.

Red Velvet

Beautiful red velvet hair color on long wavy hair.
📷Credit: @hairbykatierose

This gorgeous red hair color features deep, rich tones and a lustrous finish, creating a sultry look that adds dimension and intensity to the hair.

Smokey Pastels

Beautiful pastel hair color on mid-length wavy hair.
📷Credit: @moxxymariemanes

This hair color combines muted pastel tones with a subtle smokiness, creating a dreamy effect.

Copper With a Pop of Honey

Beautiful copper hair color on short wavy bob.
📷Credit: @_artisticvibez

Copper hair color infuses warm, reddish-brown tones, to resemble the rich hues of a shiny penny. You can also add a bright money piece around the face for extra flair.

Subtle Mermaid Hair

This technique incorporates soft pastel shades for a dreamy and enchanting look.

Rainbow Hair

Rainbow hair color incorporates a spectrum of bright and lively hues, generating a daring and expressive appearance.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts Icon

So there you have it– a collection of gorgeous hair color ideas to inspire your next transformation. We’ve covered everything from bold and bright rainbow shades to subtle highlights.

I hope these ideas have sparked your creativity and given you the courage to experiment with your hair. After all, life is too short for boring hair!

Until next time,

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Hollee is a licensed cosmetologist with over nine years of professional experience in the hair industry. With her unique insight and versatile experience, she’ll help you discover the latest hair trends or even crush your next DIY hair project.

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Thursday 27th of July 2023

I wish my niece who has gone through several hair colors through the years would stick to this safe and relatively harmless body modification instead of disfiguring herself with increasingly larger and uglier tattoos.

Beverly Heard

Thursday 8th of April 2021

I have short hair, I am 62 years old. But for the pandemic I decided to dry my hair. Kinda crazy but in 2021 I dyed purple. Dark purple. Now I want blu. A question? I need a hit cut! Should I get hair cut them dyed my hair? My hair is a medium brown. With a lot of silver gray rapidly making it's way. I wear long bangs, then cut over my ears. Not negative feedback please. All for fun.