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Trend Watch: Galaxy Hair

One of the newest, coolest “far out” trends emerging in the hair world is what we like to call “galaxy hair”. It is exactly what it sounds like…

Have you seen galaxy hair yet? It is the internet's newest, coolest trend. This vibrant hair color is made up of different...

….hair that looks like a vibrant deep-space nebula of fantastic color. It is literally out of this world.

#GalaxyHair On The Internet:

Galaxy hair is created with layers of beautiful, vibrant punky colors that truly look like something from deep space. I posted a video of famous hairstylist, Guy Tang, creating a similar look a while back. The downfall to galaxy hair? There is a high upkeep and don’t even think about washing your hair with anything other than ice-cold water.

If you want to be extra trendy, post a picture of your new galaxy hair color, side-by-side with an image of a matching galaxy on Instagram. Hashtag it #GalaxyHair.

What is your opinion of this lovely new hair trend? Do you Love it? Hate it? I’d love to read your feedback in the comments below.


Friday 1st of September 2017

I love it, i am 50 years old. I am currently looking for a hair colorist to do this to my hair with added extensions. Absolutetly beautiful!!! Guy!! I live in palm harbor fla, maybe you know someone in my area. Thank u for ypur time. Beautiful!!!!