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10 Fall Hair Color Ideas That Are Trending This Year

Let’s talk about fall hair color!

Pumpkin spice everything, holidays, color changes, cuddling up by the fireplace… I’m here for it all. I’m even one of those girls that welcome the season by changing all the scents in my home to pumpkin spice and using gold tones in my makeup.

But I’m not the only one excited by the season change. Let’s just say it’s becoming more acceptable to start decorating for Halloween when the clock strikes 12 on September 1st.

Plus, we all know that fall is one of the best times to refresh our look and update our style. But what about our hair color? If you’re looking for a way to stand out this year, why not try something new—like one of the hottest hair color trends of the season?

This fall, there are so many beautiful options to choose from. From deep mahogany reds and golden caramel browns to subtle blondes and rich copper hues, you’ll surely find something that suits your style.

Here are some of the trendiest, most delicious shades of fall hair color the world can offer…

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10 Trending Fall Hair Color Shades To Watch For This Year

#1. Rose Gold Hair

Woman with beautiful rose gold hair color.
📷Credit: @kayleesmileyhair

Rose gold is one of my absolute favorite shades of autumn hair color. Well, tbh, I love rose gold anything.

Rose gold is a delightful blend of pink and gold hues that adds a warm, rosy glow to your hair. This color is all about softness, warmth, and a hint of playful sophistication.

It’s a unique choice for fall, breaking away from the conventional dark hues and bringing a touch of brightness to the season. Depending on your preference, this color can be bold or subtle, and it works beautifully across various skin tones.

It’s a color that brings the warmth of summer and the coziness of fall together, making it a perfect choice for those who want to keep a bit of summer’s heat while embracing the fall season.

#2: Mulled Wine Hair

This not-so-traditional but captivating fall hair color is the epitome of a cozy, autumnal aesthetic.

Like the comforting seasonal beverage it’s named after, mulled wine hair combines the rich, deep reds and purples of red wine with hints of spicy cinnamon and fragrant cloves.

The result? A bold, warm color palette that perfectly complements the falling leaves and crisp autumn air.

This shade has depth and complexity, just like a fine mulled wine.

This choice adds a hefty dose of drama and sophistication to your look, making it a fantastic option for those who really wanna stand out this year!

#3. Salted Caramel Bronde

Woman with beautiful salted caramel bronde hair color.
📷Credit: @razzohaircare

Next up on our list of fall hair color trends is salted caramel bronde.

This isn’t your average bronde; this color is infused with subtle hints of caramel, creating an absolutely delicious look! The color is a stunning blend of lighter blondes, rich browns, and warm caramels… just like your favorite fall treat.

It’s ideal for those who can’t decide between going light or dark for the season.

The different tones add depth and richness to the base, creating a multifaceted look that changes with the light. It’s a subtle yet striking color change that perfectly encapsulates the season.

#4. Cinnamon Auburn Hair

Another fiery choice for fall, cinnamon auburn combines the warmth of red with the depth of brown. This color is warm, comforting, and perfectly seasonal, like a mug of hot cinnamon-spiced cider on a chilly autumn day.

It’s perfect for those who want to add a little spice to their look without going overboard. Its muted red tones blend beautifully with the natural hues of your hair, providing depth and dimension.

Like a natural cinnamon stick, this color adds a subtle, spicy kick that will heat up your fall style!

#5. Honey Ombré

Woman with beautiful honey ombré hair color.
📷Credit: @garagecaddebostan

Next, we have honey ombré, a timeless classic that always impresses.

It beautifully marries the warmth of golden honey blonde with a gradual fade into darker roots. It has the incredible ability to add dimension and light to your locks, perfectly showcasing the golden hues of the fall season.

Whether you’re a brunette wanting to add a splash of brightness or a blonde seeking warmth, honey ombré has got you covered.

Plus, it’s a super versatile look that’s a breeze to maintain, making it a top pick for anyone wanting a low-maintenance yet stylish hair color for fall.

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#6. Copper Penny

Copper penny hair color on beautiful woman.
📷Credit: @chrisweberhair

Copper Penny is all about capturing the essence of fall – think vibrant, warm, and fiery.

This copper-red shade reflects the hues of autumn leaves, making it an ideal choice for those who want to bring the season’s beauty into their look.

This color’s depth and richness works with various skin tones, adding a warm glow and eye-catching vibrancy that will surely turn heads this year.

#7. Melted Chocolate Brown

Woman with beautiful chocolate brown hair color.
📷Credit: @juliaodombeauty

This delicious fall hair color is like a comforting cup of hot cocoa on a cool fall day.

The color is rich and inviting, blending dark and milk chocolates that melt together for a deeply satisfying look. It’s a more nuanced shade of brown, adding depth and warmth to your hair.

Chocolate browns are usually formulated by mixing a darker brown base with red or gold undertones, adding richness to the hue. Absolutely perfect for fall, this color is the epitome of chic and cozy!

8. Pumpkin Spice Hair

Whats fall without pumpkin spice?

Like the beloved fall latte it’s named after, #PumpkinSpiceHair is a mix of warm, spicy tones that encapsulate the spirit of autumn.

This look is achieved by mixing deep reds, vibrant coppers, and hints of golden blonde. The colors can be subtle, or they can pop. How vibrant they are is up to you!

This trendy fall hair color offers a dramatic yet inviting aesthetic, perfect for those who love to make a statement.

9. Blorange

Woman with beautiful blorange hair color.
📷Credit: @wellahair

As you can probably guess, blorange hair combines blonde and orange… but shouldn’t look like a bleach job gone bad. It’s more of a light peachy hue, reminiscent of a picturesque autumn sunset.

This vibrant, unique color brings your look to life, capturing those cozy fall vibes. It’s a fun twist on traditional fall shades that still gives you that warm, cozy feeling.

10. Café Au Lait

Café au lait is the perfect hair color for fall! Check out 10 heartwarming fall hair color ideas!
📷Credit: @alchemyxartistry

Inspired by our favorite morning pick-me-up, this color trend mimics the delightful mix of coffee and cream.

The end result? A beautiful, multidimensional hair color that adds depth and richness to your locks.

And the great thing about this color is that it complements a wide range of skin tones…making it the perfect pick for fall!


FAQ Icon
What is the hair color trend in autumn 2023?

Rose gold hair, auburn hair, pumpkin spice hair, salted caramel bronde, honey ombré, mulled wine hair, melted chocolate brown, copper, blorange, and café au lait hair are all trendy hair color ideas for 2023.

What is a good fall color for hair?

As we wave goodbye to summer and embrace the cozy allure of fall, it’s the perfect time to mix up your look with some stunning fall hair colors. Packed with warmth and depth, shades like coppery auburn, hazelnut brown, and deep burgundy are sure to turn heads. If you’re feeling bold, why not try a blorange or a pumpkin spice balayage? These tones are not just fashionable, they complement the autumnal season, reflecting the rich, vibrant colors of the changing leaves.

What hair color to transition from summer to fall?

If you’ve been rocking sun-kissed streaks or cool pastels all summer, transitioning to rich, warm fall hues is refreshing. Consider shades like a deep chestnut brown, vibrant copper, or even a pumpkin spice tone – these colors not only radiate the warmth of fall but also add depth and dimension to your locks.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts Icon

As we wave goodbye to summer and welcome the crisp autumn breeze, we usher in a whole new world of fall hair color trends.

From warm chocolate browns to spicy reds, there’s something for everyone looking to level up their fall hair game.

Embrace the change and let your hair embody the richness of autumn. A change in season is always a good reason to try something new!

Hopefully, this guide helped you get an idea of your picture-perfect fall color! But, of course, you and your stylist can get even more creative and take your hair to new levels.

Until next time,

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Robin Gonzalez

Friday 8th of September 2023

Very nice hair colors


Wednesday 11th of December 2019

My hair is colored red and i dont like it any more wanting to high light it what color should i dO

Hollee Wood

Thursday 12th of December 2019

It just depends on what you want. If you wanted to add blonde highlights to the red hair, that would be pretty. Maybe just keep doing that until you eventually get the red out. But ultimately, it's up to you and what you want!

riya monita

Monday 9th of September 2019

A good blog post with good information on different types of hair styles. useful for ladies. Thanks for sharing your thoughts