Fade Haircut Timelapse

So last night, my husband desperately wanted me to cut his hair so he could look “fresh” for Thanksgiving, where we will obviously be around family. He gets a fade haircut and I thought that it might be a cool experiment to time-lapse the whole haircut on my iPad.. and I think the results turned out pretty cool…

I want to add that the room that I do hair in, in my house, is also my cat’s room. His food, toys and litter box are in there, and it is gated off from my dogs. In other words, my cat loves it in there. He gets really excited when people come visit his space. You might notice that he makes a couple of cameos in this video.

Fade Haircut Timelapse Video

Fade Haircut Timelapse

The Tools I Use Are:

I use Oster Classic 76 Clippers and they are hands-down the best type of clippers to use for fade haircuts. They are expensive because you have to buy the clippers and then each of the detachable blades separately. However, if you plan on using them often, they are worth the investment.

At home, I use Suvorna Haircutting and Thinning Shears that I bought on Amazon. Even though they are cheap, but they work perfectly. I also use a Carving Comb to thin out his hair, as it can get crazy sometimes.

The Steps I take to Perform the Fade Haircut:

Step #1

The first thing I do in a fade haircut is use a #1 Blade on my clippers. I take the clippers up to about his eye level, continuing this motion around his entire head. You need to remember to have a light hand, otherwise it wont fade correctly. The best advice I can give is to follow the curvature of the head, and just move the clippers directly up, without pressing down when you get over the curve.

I also always go back through and look at the area I just cut from all directions, to make sure you didn’t leave any rogue hairs hanging out.

Step #2

The next thing I do is cut the top of his hair with my scissors. He likes a faux hawk, so I cut both sides at a slant and leave the middle longer. I also go through with the carving comb and thin out some of his hair. Make sure the hair is wet when doing this, otherwise it will pull his hair and dull the blade.

Step #3

When the longest part is cut (on top), and the shortest part is cut (on the sides), I need to blend them together, creating the “fade” part of a fade haircut. I still use a #1 blade, as this will allow for more “error” if you accidentally move the comb in too close, etc. I like to blend with a clipper comb, or “flat top comb.”

This is where it gets hard to explain over a blog post (watch the video). Now you are literally going to lay the comb perpendicular to the curve of his head. You’ll want to cut the bulk hair out that is between the longest and shortest hairs, so that they blend together. To cut this hair, you are going to run the clippers over the comb.

Step #4

Now, you’ll just need to clean up the fade haircut. For a short fade, such as a fade with #1 on the sides, there will probably still be a line that needs to be blended. I usually just go back over it with a #2, #1 1/2 and #1A blending blade, until the line is gone.

You’ll want to just make short, light movements with the clippers, moving them up, and remembering not to press into the head after the clippers move over the curve of the head. If you are new at this, your best bet is to take things slow.

Step #5

Since my husband has a weird hairline, I usually blend it out using a #0A blending blade. Then, the final thing to do is clean up the hairline using trimmers… and Voila! You have a perfect fade!

Your Turn:  Do you have any further questions or comments about performing a fade haircut? Do you have any other tips or tricks? I’d love to read your feedback in the comments section below…

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