Ellen DeGeneres’ Short Hair | Celebrity Hairstyle of the Week

This week I chose Ellen DeGeneres’ short hair as my Celebrity Hairstyle of the Week!

This week I chose the notorious Ellen DeGeneres' short hair for my "celebrity hairstyle of the week." I love this short, textured haircut....

Ellen DeGeneres’ Short Hair

One of my clients always gets her hair cut exactly like Ellen’s and she specifically asked me to write a post about this hairstyle.

There is not really a whole lot to Ellen’s hair. It is short and tapered in the back, with the ears cut out. However, it is a bit longer on top and has a ton of texture to make it more feminine. I’m also about 99% sure her stylist uses a razor to give it that jagged, textured look.

To style this haircut, you typically want to give it a messy, spiky look. You should probably use some product that adds texture along with flexible hold.

Since I am such a huge fan of Ellen and I think she is absolutely hilarious, I want to share with you one of my favorite videos of her and Britney…

Ellen & Britney Spears Go Caroling! HD 720p

Your Turn: What do you think of Ellen DeGeneres’ short hair? Would you ever wear your hair like this? I’d love to read your feedback in the comments section below…

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  1. Last year after the NYC marathon I cpehpod my hair off about to the middle of my neck and dyed it dark brown like Katie Holmes. I survived and now it’s almost back to the length it was when I cpehpod it off. You only live once!!


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