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My New Job at Sally Beauty Supply

So I have to admit, I have some exciting news to tell you all.  I just got a part-time second job at Sally Beauty Supply!  Since I started working at Tanning Etc. as an independent hairstylist, it has been rough from time to time.  I have a decent clientele, and most of my clients followed me to the new salon, but I am still not completely booked every single hour that I’m there.

I recently scored a sweet second job at Sally Beauty Supply and this company is just amazing. Learn all about its history and...

My ultimate goal is to get to the point where I am super busy all the time, but for now, times can be rough.  I have been looking for another hourly job for a while now, to supplement my income and give me security (knowing I will get a paycheck every few weeks), and Sally’s was the job I wanted the most.  I’m pretty stoked to say the least!