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How To Use a Hair Toner for Brassiness

In this post, let’s talk about the big orange elephant in the room: brassy hair. If you are an avid DIY hair colorist, the odds are that you’ve probably ended up an undesirable result at some point. Undesirable could mean many different things, but orange hair is the first thing that comes to mind. The bad news is that it’s effortless to end up with brassy hair. The good news is that you can totally tone it down with a hair toner. Here is the ultimate guide on how to use a hair toner for brassiness.

21 Shades of Red, White and Blue Hair Color

This year, Independence Day literally snuck up on me.  I didn’t even realize it was in a few days, until… well, last week.  Since it is one of my favorite holidays, and we gotta represent America, I thought it would be fun and different to talk about some of the various shades of red, white and blue hair color.

Since Independance Day is just about here, I thought it would be fun to talk about some of the various shades of red, white and blue hair...

10 Shades of Fall Hair Color

Since it is a pretty common practice for people to change their hair color in the fall, I decided to share with you a few of my favorite shades of fall hair color…

Call me basic, but I LOVE fall.  Pumpkin spice everything, delicious food, changing colors, cuddling up by the fireplace… I love it all.  I’m also one of those people that like to get in the mood for fall by changing all the scents in my house to pumpkin spice, and wearing more gold tones in my makeup.