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Woman Grows Fingernails In Place Of Hair

Have you ever heard the story where the woman grows fingernails in place of her hair?  Shanyna Isom, a 28-year-old woman from Memphis, Tennessee has a rare skin condition that causes her to grow nails where hair should grow.  It is so rare, in fact, that she is the only person in the world with this disease.  So far, this disease has cost her whole future and more money than you can imagine.

Have you heard the story where the woman grows fingernails in place of her hair? Shanyna Isom has a rare disease that...

The Bad Hair Bandit

Have you ever heard the story of the “Bad Hair Bandit”?  No?  Well, let me fill you in… The “Bad Hair Bandit” is Cynthia Van Holland’s new nickname.  Van Holland is 48 years old, a former prison nurse and now a convicted bank robber.

Have you heard the story of the "bad hair bandit?" If not, you should...

Van Holland was arraigned in court on July 13th, 2012 on 21 counts of bank robbery.

Was Justin Bieber Forced To Cut His Hair?

Quick! When you think of the (2012) Biebs, what do you think??  You are probably going to say “his hair.”  I don’t blame you… his signature haircut was world-famous! I can’t even tell you how many guys used to request a “Justin Bieber haircut” (although most guys didn’t call it that)…

However, Mr. Bieber eventually decided that it was time to take his fame to the next level and make a movie! Bieber and Mark Wahlberg have been chatting about making a movie together for a while now. Wahlberg feels like Bieber will do great as an actor, but has some concerns about his hair. According to Mark, “We’re just going to have to make him realize that he’s playing a character, so he can’t have the same hairdo.”