Hair Snips


Hair Snips #28: What Causes Goose Bumps?

It’s common knowledge that when a human is cold, they get goose bumps (usually on their arms).  But do you know what causes goose bumps and what they are?  Let me explain… Goose bumps, aka the “pilomotor reflex,” are part of an automatic response of a mammal’s body.  Part of this reflex’s function is to generate warmth in a cold environment.  “How does it work?” you ask.  The muscle fiber attached to the hair follicle tightens and pulls the hair straight up, which makes the surrounding skin bunch up.  The straightened hair traps a layer of air against the skin which adds insulates the body. Goose Bumps As A Result Of Fear: This reflex does not do a lot to help hairless mammals like humans.  However, notice how when a cat is spooked, their hair stands straight up.  This defense mechanism is caused by the pilomotor reflex.  The purpose of the…

Hair Snips #27: Dead Ends

Everyone has heard the term “dead ends” but do you know what that really means?  Let me explain… What Are Dead Ends, Really? Well, here’s the thing:  all hair is dead– or at least the hair you see.  The only part of hair that is alive, is the hair found in the hair follicle, below the epidermis of the scalp.  The actual hair shaft, which is the part you see, has no biochemical activity in it.  According to dermatologists, that means its dead. The phrase “dead ends” typically refers to the ends of the hair shaft, where the hair is likely more damaged.  However, it would be much more accurate for that phrase to refer to all of the visible hair.  “Split ends” is a better way to explain the damaged ends of the hair. Now you know…