The Three Stages of Hair Growth

Did you know that every single strand of hair goes through three stages of hair growth during it's life? Let me explain...

Did you know that each strand of hair goes through three stages of hair growth over the course of its life? Let me explain… The Three Stages of Hair Growth: Anagen is the active growth phase. Hair grows from the root, inside the hair follicle, with rapid cell division. During this phase, your hair will grow about 1 cm every 28 days. The hair on your head typically stays in anagen for 2-6 years (and the time your hair stays in the anagen phase is determined by genetics). The longer your hair stays in anagen, the longer your hair will grow. This …

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French Braid Your Hair For Sleep

One of my friends enlightened me on why it's a good idea to French braid your hair for sleep at night. Now I want to share with you...

So, one of my coworkers at Sally Beauty Supply enlightened me to a cool new idea the other night. She said that I should wear your hair in a French braid while sleeping. It’s supposed to keep your hair really healthy and help it grow longer, which seemed a little weird at first until she explained it. I decided to write a post about why French braiding your hair for sleep is a good idea.

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DIY Olive Oil Hair Treatment

DIY Olive Oil Hair Treatment

Olive oil contains essential fatty acids and will help moisturize your hair. With this easy trick, you’ll never have to buy hot oil treatments again, or go to the salon (unless you live in Carson City, in which case you should come give me your moneys). It will improve your hair texture and rebuild damaged hair. It is even said to make your hair grow twice as fast. Even though I’m not sure if that last part is true, it does make sense. I remember reading that you can apply castor oil to your eyebrows or eyelashes, which lubricates the hair follicle and makes them grow faster. I do plan on trying this olive oil hair treatment once a week (which is the recommended amount) and I will inform everyone on the progress of my hair growth.

DIY Olive Oil Hair Treatment

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How to Keep Bleached Hair Healthy

Do you want to know how to keep bleached hair healthy? Learn a few tips on how to keep your bleached hair in tip-top shape...

Let’s talk about how to keep bleached hair healthy!

Blondes seriously have more fun… or at least that’s what I usually tell everybody. I’m 26 and started bleaching my hair when I was 12.

Even though I always go back to the dark side every once in a while, I always end up with platinum blonde hair. I’m just happier with blonde hair. I feel like it brightens up my face.

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I Tried No Poo and Loved It!

Earlier today, when I was at the grocery store, I decided that I wanted to buy some baking soda and apple cider vinegar so I could try the “No Poo Method.”  I figured that since I recently wrote an article about it, I had to try it so I can give my actual opinion. Here’s the story of the time I tried no poo and liked it!

Have you heard about the "No Poo" movement? You'd be surprised to read what people will do for healthy hair...

The Story of When I Tried No Poo:

I was super excited to take a shower tonight, so I could try the no poo method and learn what the hype is all about. I will admit that washing your hair with baking soda is rough. It does not lather at all. I made sure that I covered my whole head and just mimicked shampooing my hair. It felt pretty normal, so I figured, “whatever.”

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