How to Start a Beauty Blog in 15 Minutes

I often get questions about blogging and how I’ve been so successful with my blog.   Because I love helping people so much, I  decided to start a blogging series on HolleewoodHair.  Since this is a beauty blog, I’m going to focus on beauty blogging.  However, this advice is beneficial for anyone in any niche.  To kick off my “blogging how-to” series, I want to teach you how to start a beauty blog in 15 minutes. HEADS UP: This post is quite long (almost 2000 words).  If you don’t have time to read the whole thing right now, consider pinning it and reading later.  You don’t wanna miss these expert tips. What Blogging Is: Blogging is a super awesome way for you to express yourself, learn more about things you’re passionate about, and make money doing so.  It is also a great way to try new products and connect with new people…

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500,000 Views and Counting!

Yay!  Today we hit 500,000 views and I couldn’t be more excited! A little bit about HolleewoodHair… I started HolleewoodHair as a side project while I ran my own business, doing hair.  My income was a little bit slow in the beginning, and I researched ways to make money from home.  Blogging came up and I did some research about it.  It seemed like a good way for me to stay passionate about doing hair, while learning more about the industry. To be completely honest, I had no idea what I was doing when I started.  I made a ton of mistakes and I have spent many, many hours rewriting my old blog posts over and over again.  However, I have had some pretty lucky breaks since 2012.  When I started my blog, Pinterest had just started and was not flooded yet, like it is today.  Most of my posts were…