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Trend Watch: Blorange Hair Color

Blorange hair color is the newest hair color trend to take the world by surprise. This color was once known as an unwanted tone, that people strived to get rid of. However, in 2017, people have learned that if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, and are embracing their inner orange.

Have you heard of the newest hair trend, "blorange hair" ? You'd be surprised to see how many people are rocking this once unwanted tone...

What is Blorange Hair?

The hybrid word “blorange” is a combination of blonde and orange. This color is similar to rose gold, but with more orange tones, rather than pink tones. It should also be more of a faded orange color, with more of a blonde look, rather than a vibrant orange hue.

It should almost look like someone tried to bleach their hair, and ended up with that blondish-orange color that people traditionally hated so much. The only difference is that it should be consistently the same color all over the head, rather than looking like “hot roots“. It should look like it was intentionally colored to be that shade.

Blorange Hair Color As Seen On The Internet:

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Barbara Shofner

Thursday 31st of March 2022

I have worn this color forever. LOVE IT!!!! Mine is not brassy but because of gray coming in I have a frosted look. Unfortunately, my hair is now a ugly salt and pepper due to Covid. My bleach products were discontinued and to anxious to try another product. SO disappointed with this Blah grown out color. LOVE THE Red!