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TIGI Bedhead Headrush・Product Review

TIGI’s Bedhead Headrush has always been one of my favorite ways to make sure your hair is perfectly shiny and healthy-looking.

Are you looking for a way to add a little shine to your hair without weighing it down? TIGI's Bedhead Headrush is great for...

The beautiful, shiny pink packaging describes this product as being “Shine Adrenaline with a Super Fine Mist.”

More about Bedhead Headrush:

There is not really a lot to it. If you want really super shiny hair, then this is the stuff for you. It’s in an aerosol can, which I like because it quickly adds mega shine throughout your whole head of hair.

The benefits of using Headrush are:

  • This product adds depth to highlights and color.
  • It eliminates static
  • It provides a smooth, healthy finish to the hair.

This product is so simple to use. You just have to mist evenly all over dry hair… and Voila! Beautiful, shiny hair! Curious about what your hair would look like with extra shine? Head on over to Amazon (where I buy everything I own) to pick up your own can of Headrush today!

Your Turn: Have you ever tried this product? Do you have a different shine spray that you like better? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section below…