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BigSexyHair Backcomb in a Bottle・Product Review

If you like to tease your hair every day like I do, then this product is for you! The name of this wonderful product is What a Tease: Backcomb in a Bottle by SexyHair Concepts and it’s kinda amazing.

Do you love big hair? You should check out "What a Tease- Backcomb in a Bottle" by Sexy Hair Concepts. This product will...

BigSexyHair is the product line dedicated to making your big hair look the best…. and God knows I love big hair.

The Benefits of Backcomb in a Bottle:

Backcomb in a Bottle consists of a special blend of resins that give your hair instant height. It is meant to give hair the look of teased hair without the spending the time to tease it. Additionally, the hair is still easy to manipulate.

To use this product, just part your dry hair, and mist each section while focusing on the ends. Work the product through the rest of your hair. After the product dries, separate and expand hair for an instantly teased look.

If you want to try it, I’d suggest picking some up from Amazon for cheap. It’s where I buy everything I own…

Your Turn: Have you ever tried this product? What did you think? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments.